University urges students to report COVID violations amid evidence of students attending parties

Zach Yearwood, Managing Editor

The coronavirus has completely changed the way we live and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. However, CDC and university guidelines have not slowed some college students down from continuing to hold parties.

Numerous videos obtained by Spinnaker show footage of parties occurring in recent weeks, one featuring what appears to be a student in a Sigma Alpha Epsilon shirt — possibly a member of the fraternity — dancing in a dark, crowded room.

Spinnaker has reached out to Sigma Alpha Epsilon for comment and is awaiting a response.

Another video shows a crowded room at what is most likely a 21st birthday party.

It is still unknown if these events happened on campus and how many students attended these parties.

When asked about the videos and coronavirus violations in general, UNF’s Dean of Students Andrea Adams-Manning, told Spinnaker that Student Conduct has addressed 129 reported coronavirus policy violations.

The school told Spinnaker that of the 129 reported violations, 19 have involved organizations. This “organizational misconduct” is not limited to Greek Life. It can also involve registered student organizations, clubs and athletic teams. The school noted that not all of the 19 organization-related violations are related to fraternities or sororities and not all of them are related to partying.

“In the cases where the allegation indicates a high-risk COVID-19 exposer [sic], we are contacting those individuals involved and advising them to monitor their symptoms and to get tested for the Coronavirus,” Adams-Manning said.

She also urged all Ospreys to “do their part by adhering to our policies, engage in low-risk behaviors, report COVID-19 high-risk behavior, and get tested for COVID-19.”

Violations of the school’s Coronavirus policies can lead to sanctions listed in the Student Code of Conduct. If an individual sees someone violating the policy, they can use the COVID-19 Measures Reporting form.

Here are some other useful links that outline expected student behavior and UNF’s student conduct process:


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