Welcome to the Osprey Capital — Spinnaker’s financial advice column

Aloe Suarez, Features Reporter

This is the money column, The O.C.– not the show, The O.C. Both great forms of content, though. 


Being a college student and strapped for cash seems quite habitual. You’re a young adult now—ready to take on the world with a degree at hand, but your wallet is tapped out.

No bueno.

You left the home nest, and you’re stretching your wings while on campus—getting ready to soar into the next chapter of your life. But that chapter shouldn’t be Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

So, the Spinnaker is starting a money advice column for college students wanting to thrive financially.

Start now, because it’s the early bird that gets the worm. And by worm, we mean financial stability. 

This weekly column benefits any college students who want to make it in life without hassle, especially during this pandemic.

We want to start with the number one thing you will need to get the most out of this column: discipline.

You can have the advice, guidance, and tools, but there is no progress with no discipline. By committing to checking your bank account, avoiding Chick-fil-A five times a day, and ceasing to max out your credit cards, you will start to see progress in the long run.

If you are disciplined enough but need to be held accountable, look for an accountability partner. Be it your roommate, significant other, best friend, teammate, favorite hairstylist—ask them to help you grow.

Find those two things, and you will be on your way to financial stability.

If you have any money questions you need an answer to, send us a message, and we’ll cover it. 


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