Impeachment charges against Elections Comissioner Boyer dropped following 6-6 vote

Nathan Turoff, Student Government Reporter

An impeachment trial was held against Elections Commissioner Darryl Boyer in the Senate meeting, last Friday. Commissioner Boyer was indicted on charges of “Malfeasance,” or wrongdoing, as outlined by the Student Government Constitution. The Senate meeting ended up being over 6 hours long.

Many involved participants, including Boyer himself, were attending remotely. Senator SaiRahul Kilambi led the prosecution, and included witnesses such as Attorney General Washington, and President Ally Schneider.

After the proceeding, passionate arguments from both sides, and thrown-out evidence, the impeachment charges were dropped following a 6-6 vote. For the impeachment to be approved, the vote must be by two-thirds majority. 

Spinnaker will follow up with Commissioner Boyer for more insight into the story.


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