LGBT center kicks off LGBT History Month with numerous special events

Darvin Nelson, News Editor

The UNF LGBT Resource Center is celebrating LGBT History Month with some special events to celebrate bisexual, queer, and pansexual communities via Zoom. 

#BeBrave / Friday, Oct. 9:

A joint event with the UNF Military Veterans Resource Center will include sharing posts providing information and resources to members of the military and LGBTQ+ communities.

Bi-Erasure / Oct. 14 from 2p.m.-3p.m.:

 The Loud Lounge Presents a look at bi+ identities with former LGBT Resource Center Director, Kaitlin Legg. The event will be held Wednesday, Oct. 14 from 2p.m.-3p.m. “Did you know that a larger percent of LGBTQ+ individuals identify with the bisexual+ identity label than any other label? If you didn’t, you’re not alone,” the LGBT Resource Center said. “There are many forms of bi-erasure that happen in our every day lives which distort our view of bisexual+ individuals and identities.” Zoom ID: 529 078 6274.

I’M S.A.F.E. Consent Workshop / Oct. 16 from 12p.m.-1:30p.m.:

Angel Renee aka Professor Sex, the Women’s Center, Victims Advocacy, and the Women’s Center of Jacksonville will be discussing consent within the LGBTQ+ community. “In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month and LGBTQ History month, join us for an interactive workshop where we’ll discuss and practice what consent and setting healthy boundaries looks like,” the LGBT Resource Center said. Register here.

Unpacking Transphobia Part 1 / Monday, Oct. 19 from 2p.m.-3p.m.:

 Celebrate transgender and nonbinary communities in this discussion on the terms: trans, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and the effects of transphobia. Zoom ID: 915 042 8 2963.

Unpacking Transphobia Part 2 / Tuesday, Oct. 20 from 2p.m.-3p.m.:

This space will allow trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming individuals to unpack and explore their lived experiences. Zoom ID: 915 042 8 2963.

Asexuality and the Romantics / Wednesday, Oct. 28 from 2p.m.-3p.m.:

This Loud Lounge will dive into asexuality, and the concept of romantic orientation. “You might have heard the term ‘asexual’ and wondered how it can possibly apply to human seeing as how we can’t reproduce on our own. Well asexuality – sometimes referred to as the grey spectrum – refers to a sexual orientation commonly used by individuals who do not feel significant sexual attraction,” the LGBT Resource Center said. Zoom ID: 529 078 6274.

Gayloween / Friday, Oct. 30 from 1:30p.m.-2:30p.m.: 

The month’s celebrations will close with UNF First Lady, Maria Szymanski reading scary stories around a virtual campfire. Students are urged to dress up in Halloween costumes. Zoom ID: 966 0897 9933.

Last week, unique sets of pride-themes wings were installed in four different on-campus locations, each representing a specific pride flag. The wings can be found at these locations: Thomas G. Carpenter Library, Women’s Center, John A. Delaney Student Union and the Fine Arts Center. Students, faculty, and staff are urged to take a picture with the wings, and upload to social media using #UNFWingsOfPride.


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