Police Beat Sept. 25th – Oct. 1

Joseph Basco

Compiled by Joseph Basco

Sept. 25 Assault (Garage 38) – Upon arriving at the garage, the officer met with another UPD officer who stopped the subject’s vehicle, a 1991 Saturn, on the first level. The driver provided a Florida driver’s license. There were four young children and two babies in the vehicle. The subject said she took her six grandchildren to the Shrine Circus — one of her grandchildren wanted a toy sword from one of the other grandchildren, so he took it. The subject took the toy from the grandchild. He began to scream, so the subject hit his legs. Two complainants told the officer they witnessed the subject hitting the grandchild in the car with an object like a fly-swatter. The officer scanned the vehicle to look for the object but did not find it. The officer asked the subject to contact someone to provide additional child seats and provided the incident information to the Florida Abuse Registry while the subject made arrangements for transportation. The subject was issued a Uniform Traffic Citation and was informed that a representative from children and family services may contact her.

Sept. 26 Disturbance/Resisting Arrest/Trespassing/Criminal Mischief (Arena) – Two UPD officers met the Arena manager at Building 34 in reference to a disturbance. He said the subjects were in the Arena playing basketball while not wearing shirts. The manager asked them to put shirts on and if they were students. They said they did not have to provide any information. The officers asked the subjects for IDs, but they gave the same answer and threatened to sue for discrimination. The subjects walked out of the Arena. The officers followed them and tried to obtain student numbers. The first subject said he had a student ID in his car. The subjects reached the entrance to Lot 18 at Central Parkway and sat under a tree. One officer said to the subjects they would be trespassing if they returned. The first subject returned to the officers and repeatedly said this was discrimination. When the first subject was escorted to his vehicle, the other subjects began walking toward them. They were told to stop and leave. They began to run toward the officers. One officer attempted to stop the second subject, but he refused. The officer deployed his Taser. He ordered the second subject to stop. The subject turned and advanced in the officer’s direction. The officer deployed his Taser, but it missed. The subject turned, and the Taser wires entangled his legs. One electrical burst was delivered. Another officer displayed his Taser and told the third subject to get on the ground. Subjects two and three were handcuffed. Both were arrested for trespassing after receiving warnings and resisting arrest. At the Duval County Jail, the third subject kicked the left rear passenger window of a UPD vehicle. Subject one eventually escorted two officers to his car in Lot 18 and provided his ID. He was referred to Student Conduct for refusing to comply and causing disruption at the Arena.

Sept. 30 Marijuana (Crossings) – An officer met with two resident assistants and one area coordinator at Osprey Crossings building R in reference to possible marijuana use. They told the officer they were patrolling outside and smelled marijuana smoke coming from an open window. When they approached the door and knocked, one subject answered the door. His eyes were red and glassy, he had trouble standing, and his speech was slurred. He told the officer there were several people in the room. While talking to the subject, the officer heard several toilet flushes in succession. The AC observed several alcoholic beverages on a table in the middle of the room. The officer asked the subject his age. He said he was 18. The officer found 20 empty beer cans. All subjects had red glassy eyes. No one admitted ownership of the beer. The first suspect said the cans have been collecting all week. The officer found a multicolor glass pipe on the window sill. The officer gave the subject and suspect their rights via card. Neither claimed ownership of the pipe. The officer asked the suspect to open the refrigerator door. The officer found a clear glass bong and an ashtray with marijuana residue inside the refrigerator. When the officer instructed the suspect to open the top drawer of the nightstand by the window, the officer found another multicolor pipe, a clear pipe, a homemade cardboard tube pipe and a homemade ashtray with residue. The suspect said he owned some of the items and was issued a notice to appear. The six subjects were referred to Student Conduct.

Oct. 1 Stolen Wallet (Building 55) – A UPD officer met with the victim at Building 55 in reference to a vehicle burglary. The victim said at 2 a.m. he parked his truck in the southeast lot of Building 55. His exited his vehicle and threw his wallet on the front passenger seat and left the truck unlocked. He received a call from his bank at 8 a.m. and was told his credit card had been used at a store on Beach Boulevard. The victim contacted UPD to file a report. The victim said his vehicle was undamaged, and there was no forced entry. His black tri-fold wallet contained a Bank of America credit/debit card, a BJ’s ID card, a work ID card and $80. The debit charges to the card were $200 and $300. All charges occurred at the same store. The vehicle interior did not have any surfaces to pick up fingerprints. No canvass was done due to the late reporting and time of day.