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What’s up with parking tickets? SG gives insight into the process

Nathan Turoff, Student Government Reporter

Parking is seen as one of the most daunting and challenging aspects of campus life by many students. Even with a lower number of on-campus residents, finding parking and not getting ticketed still proves to be a major issue. Student Government Chief Justice Nicolas Vincenty gave some insight on how the process works.

Vincenty explained what happens after the physical ticket is issued:

“The Student will then automatically receive an email from parking services stating that they have a ticket,” Vincenty said.

The appeal process can then begin after that. Vincenty explained how there are two levels of appeals, the first level being directly with parking services, and the second being with the Supreme Court. Many students will often be denied, and Vincenty explained how there is only a very small window to appeal through parking. That is why the majority of parking appeals go to the Supreme Court, which hears the case, and will make a verdict.

Parking Graphic courtesy of Student Government.

As for avoiding the ticketing, Justice Vincenty elaborated how that misinformations and assumptions lead to the abundance of confusion. There are certain things that have to be remembered in order to avoid being ticketed — things like only parking in the Blue lots if you have a pass to do so, only having one car per parking pass on campus at a time, and the general rules of driving, like parking properly and in legal spots. 

Justice Vincenty was very adamant about how students should always read the rules and regulations on their passes. He also recommended that any student that has any questions reach out to parking services or Student Government to alleviate the mass confusion.

Student Government has been working hard to spread awareness of this issue, as they are totally aware of how students feel about it. Vincenty explained how many Senators have been working to spread the word, and a PR campaign is also being used to educate students. He hopes that, in time, these efforts will help mitigate confusion

“If you don’t know, ask. Don’t assume you won’t get a ticket.”


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What’s up with parking tickets? SG gives insight into the process