Police Beat Oct. 12

Joseph Basco

Oct. 3 Marijuana (Cove) – An officer smelled marijuana from a room at Osprey Cove Building U and made contact with the two room residents. The officer entered the room and asked them about the lingering marijuana odor. They said they had smoked marijuana. The officer asked if there was marijuana or any other illegal items in the room. The suspect took out a plastic baggie containing marijuana from her desk drawer. The officer advised the suspect of her rights and was given permission to search the room, yielding no additional illegal items. The marijuana was stored in the JSO property room. The suspect was issued an NTA for possession of fewer than 20 grams of marijuana. Both the suspect and roommate were referred to Student Conduct.

Oct. 4 Assault (Lot 18) – An officer responded to a traffic accident in Lot 18. Upon arrival, the victim was beating on the window of the vehicle suspect Jimmie Stowe was in. The officer separated the individuals. The victim said Stowe held a wrench in her hand and went inside the victim’s vehicle. As she attempted to pull Stowe out of the car, Stowe hit her with the wrench above her right eye, causing an open wound. A witness said the victim attempted to flee the accident scene, so Stowe went inside the victim’s vehicle to prevent her from leaving. The witness then saw Stowe hit the victim in the head with the wrench. Stowe said to the officer she hit the victim because the victim was hitting her. She did not say she was in fear of her life when she struck the victim. Stowe was sent to the Duval County Pretrial Detention Facility for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill. UPD recommended both Stowe and the victim be sent to Student Conduct.

Oct. 5 Marijuana (Fountains) – An officer met with a resident assistant, who said she found a sandwich bag containing 1.20 grams of marijuana on the ground near a stairwell. The marijuana was placed in the JSO property room.

Oct. 6 Marijuana (Landing) – An officer was patrolling the courtyard of Osprey Landing. The officer found a small bag containing 1.8 grams of marijuana on the ground near the picnic tables of Building X. The marijuana was placed in the JSO property room.

Oct. 6 Stolen Wallet (Fountains) – The victim said to the officer she attempted to locate her wallet at 8 a.m. The wallet contained her debit card, Florida driver’s license, UNF student ID and other miscellaneous items. The victim last recalled having her wallet Oct. 2 when she rented a movie from a rental kiosk nearby UNF. She checked her bank account and found two fraudulent charges that she did not recall conducting. The officer advised the victim how to obtain a new driver’s license and UNF student ID. The case has yet to be cleared.

Oct. 7 Stolen Spinnaker Box (Arena Shuttle Stop) – A UPD officer met with a Spinnaker employee at the Spinnaker Office in Building 58E. The victim said a Spinnaker box at the shuttle stop in front of Parking Garage 38 was last seen Oct. 5 at 6 p.m. A member of the staff discovered the box missing Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. No canvass was done because of the time factor involved. The investigation is ongoing.

Oct. 8 Marijuana (Cove) – At 1:30 a.m. an officer was dispatched to Osprey Cove Building T in reference to a noise complaint. The officer heard music and smelled marijuana smoke from the room. The suspect opened the door for the officer, who smelled a stronger marijuana odor as the door opened. The officer was given permission by the suspect to enter. The officer observed five UNF students sitting in the room. When asked about the marijuana odor, the suspect said he and the five subjects were smoking marijuana. The officer gave the suspect his rights and asked if there were any illegal items in the room. The suspect said yes and revealed a bong with marijuana residue. The officer searched the room for any illegal items, yielding negative results. The suspect was given an NTA for possession of drug paraphernalia. The bong was taken to the JSO property room. The suspect and students were referred to Student Conduct.

Oct. 9 Vandalized Vehicle (Lot 15) – The complainant told the officer he parked his vehicle in Lot 15 Oct. 9 at 7:30 p.m. He did not see anyone else in the area at the time. When the complainant returned to his vehicle at 9:25 p.m., the driver door handle was partially hanging off. The officer observed the door handle. Patrol efforts have been suspended.