A guide to student discounts

Mally Nichols, Reporter

Being a student can be costly and it’s difficult to balance funds when there’s so many different expenses to think about. Between rent, phone bills, food costs, entertainment, and so much more, where can students buckle down and cut back?

This is where student discounts come in. They are amazing ways to curb costs, and they’re surprisingly everywhere! Here’s a guide to some of the top discount opportunities that students should be taking advantage of:


Starting this list off, UNiDAYS is a major resource when it comes to student discounts. The website was founded in 2011 and is free to use for higher education students. With just a personal email, password, and a college or university email to verify enrollment, students can gain access to a database of discounts just for them. Eyewear, clothes, tech, jewelry, cosmetics, restaurants, and more can all be found on UNiDAYS with coupon codes to lower costs. This includes big retailers as well, such as Adidas, American Eagle, Forever 21, and many more!


For music lovers everywhere, Spotify is well-known, but it may not be known that they offer a pretty sweet student discount. For just $4.99 a month, students can get not only Spotify Premium, but also joint subscriptions to both Hulu and Showtime’s ad-supported plans for no extra cost. This deal comes in contrast to Spotify Premium’s typical cost of $9.99 monthly, which doesn’t even include extra perks!

Apple Music

As for Spotify’s competition, Apple Music also offers a student deal which not only includes Apple Music itself, but also Apple TV Plus for just $4.99 a month.


College can be anxiety-inducing, which is why the Headspace app also offers a special deal for postsecondary students. Simply verify student enrollment and gain exclusive access to a year-long subscription to the wellness application for only $9.99. Typically, an annual plan for Headspace runs at around $69.99.

Disney Plus

Ever since Disney Plus hit the market, no one had heard of any kind of student discount from the streaming service. Fortunately, UNiDAYS has recently picked up a deal from them for the Disney Plus annual plan. Students can now receive 15 percent off a year subscription to Disney Plus after verifying their enrollment through UNiDAYS.

Prime Student

Need packages to arrive just a little bit sooner? Amazon Prime’s student subscription is a fantastic place to start. The student version offers all the same benefits and perks of Amazon Prime, just at a reduced price. Prime is regularly $12.99 a month, but with the discount, students only pay $6.49 monthly after the end of a 6-month free trial.

Microsoft and Apple Products

Don’t worry, students can also get great deals on tech! Microsoft offers a 10% discount on their products for students and Apple offers up to $200 off a new Mac. Apple even throws in a free year of Apple TV Plus, just to sweeten the deal a little. Both offers are easily accessible through the UNiDAYS website.


Adobe has since created a discounted plan specifically for them. For just $19.99 a month, students gain access to all Creative Cloud applications for a year. After that, the price jumps to $29.99 monthly, but that’s still cheaper than the regular price. Uniquely, this deal is also available to teachers, not just students.

Verizon Wireless

Cell phone bills can be a drag for students, especially if your parents finally kicked you off the family plan. Luckily, Verizon has a special just for students! College students can save up to $25 monthly with Verizon’s College Student Unlimited Deal, either $10 off for one line, or $25 off for two lines.

 Movie Theaters

Depending on the location, certain movie theaters may offer discounts with student ID. Simply provide a valid college or university ID card at the box office and, in certain locations, theaters may offer a discount or a ticket specifically for students at a lower cost.

 Keep in mind that a lot of these deals are only valid if students can verify enrollment at a postsecondary institution. After graduation, these opportunities disappear forever, so take advantage of them while you can.

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