The Medium review

Erik Feliciano, Reporter

“The Medium” is a very slow burn of a game, and while it does do a few interesting things, it takes time to get to what is interesting and it can be a bit tedious as opposed to scary. Even though the game has a very short completion time, at times it feels as if it overstays its welcome.

There is little to no combat in the medium, for the most part you will spend your time walking and switching between two different realms of existence as you solve puzzles and look for answers about Marianne as well as the residents, who met their death in the resort. The only combat that can be seen in the Medium is in the second half of the game and for the most part, it’s really only deflecting tentacles.

In “The Medium” you take control of a spirit medium who helps trapped spirits move on to the next life. She soon receives a phone call from a person who knows of her power as well as her past, which she has very little recollection about. Murder, suicide, and abuse are themes that are constantly shown throughout the game as you make your way through the Niwa resort looking for answers about Marrieane’s past.

While I would not recommend purchasing the game at its current price, if you have access to Xbox, or Gamepass, I would recommend giving it a shot. It has a short run time of roughly six hours. Overall if you have some free time and access to Gamepass, I Would recommend this game. 

Spinnaker gives “The Medium,” 3 out of 5 sails.


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