Police Beat Oct. 19

Joseph Basco

Oct. 10 Marijuana (Cove) – A complainant told a UPD officer he went inside his room and found a clear bag containing marijuana. He said the marijuana may have been left by his roommate. The marijuana was placed in the JSO property room. The roommate was referred to Student Conduct.

Oct. 12 Seizure (Lot 14 Shuttle) – A victim was having a seizure on the North shuttle parked in Lot 14. The driver said the victim was feeling ill on the bus and she heard students talking about the victim. The students checked on the victim’s well being. The victim seized for 30 seconds and appeared fine afterwards. The victim said she felt better after the officer arrived. The victim was transported to St. Luke’s.

Oct. 13 Stolen Wallet (Lot 10) – A UPD officer spoke with the victim of a wallet theft at the UNF Police Station. The victim said she was unsure where she left her wallet. She recalled last seeing her wallet in Lot 10. She did not check with lost and found to locate her wallet. The officer checked lost and found and did not find her wallet. There is no other information at this time.

Oct. 13 Stolen Wallet (Building 2) – A victim of a wallet theft spoke with an officer at the UNF Police Station. The victim said she left her wallet in Building 2 Room 2219. She later realized her wallet was missing and went back to the classroom to find her wallet. She then checked lost and found but was unsuccessful in finding the wallet. There is no other information at this time.

Oct. 14 Seizure (Building 9) – A UPD officer was dispatched to Building 9 in reference to a seizure. Upon arrival the victim was sitting at a desk but was slow to respond when questioned. Jacksonville Fire Rescue arrived to evaluate her condition. She was taken to the Mayo Clinic.

Oct. 15 Injured Ankle (Lot 10 Shuttle Stop) – A victim said he hurt his left ankle after being pushed into the Osprey Fountains pool. The officer observed his wrapped ankle and dry clothing. The victim said he walked from the pool to the bus stop by himself and called 911. He wrapped his own ankle before rescue arrived. Jacksonville Fire Rescue arrived and transported the victim to St. Luke’s. A UPD officer could not locate any witnesses regarding the victim’s push into the pool. The victim was previously notified by the housing officer that he was banned from all housing areas effective Sept. 20.

Oct. 16 Armed Robbery (Lot 18) – A victim of an armed robbery called UPD at 10:15 p.m. Oct. 17. He said he and his two friends left the game room between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Oct. 16 and walked to Lot 18. As they walked, three males wearing black hoodies approached the victims from Lot 18. As the two groups neared each other, the suspects pulled out kitchen knives and told the victims to give them all their items. The victims surrendered laptops, backpacks, cell phones, keys, prescription glasses, money and credit cards. The second victim, who was still shaken up, said she could not remember too much because she was very frightened. The third victim said after they surrendered their items they ran toward Lot 18 and the suspects ran toward the “core.” The investigation is ongoing.

Oct. 17 Criminal Mischief (Building 44) – A UPD officer observed a blue scooter lying on its left side in the Fine Arts Center parking garage. There was no one present around the scooter. There was a small, sandy spot on the right side of the seat, indicating a person kicked or shoved the scooter with their foot. The officer put the scooter upright and observed scratches where the scooter made contact with the concrete. The officer left a note for the owner of the scooter that said to call UPD when he or she returned. The owner called and made contact with the officer at the garage. The owner said she parked the scooter and went to class. She did not know of anyone that had problems with her. Patrol efforts are suspended.