Pokemon celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Jordan Ramos, Reporter

Pokemon’s 25th anniversary starts soon, and for the event, the company has many things planned throughout the year including music with many famous artists, new games, and new trading cards.

The anniversary is on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021, and kicks off with Pokemon’s P25 Music program, a virtual concert featuring Post Malone. The event will be taking place at 7 p.m. EST and streamed on YouTube, Twitch, and Pokemon.com/25. The Pokemon company will also be holding events with other artists such as Katy Perry. They have said that they will announce new P25 Music announcements on Saturday at the end of the concert. Pokemon will also be having classic, music-themed Pokemon episodes appearing on Pokemon TV’s website. 

Photo by Mika Baumeister.

On Feb. 25, a special password will be given out on Pokemon’s website that will give you a special Pikachu in the video games “ Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield.” This Pikachu will know the move sing, which it cannot ordinarily learn in the games. It will also come with the moves encore, celebrate, and electro ball. On Feb. 20, Pokemon Go did an event that made the first 151 pokemon from the original games appear more often. Players would choose between the red and green versions of the game which would determine the Pokemon that would appear in the wild. 

Pokemon has partnered with McDonald’s and between Feb. 9 and March 8, people can get four Pokemon trading cards in every happy meal. These cards have a symbol on them to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokemon. 

Pokemon has accomplished many things over the years including 33 main series games as well as countless spin-offs, an anime that has aired for 24 years, and one of the biggest trading card games out there. This video game has fostered many friendships and rivalries between Pokemon fans for a few decades.


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