BREAKING NEWS: anti-Charge Party Instagram account is created but swiftly deletes its contents

Darvin Nelson, Editor-in-Chief

An Instagram account posted several photos and stories stating that a few members of the Charge Party are “racist,” “fraud,” and not who they seem to be. “Telling the TRUTH about your corrupt political party,” is what @thechargeanti claimed to be doing. The content on the account was removed shortly after its discovery.

Darryl Boyer and Donovan Bradley were the only specific members of the Charge Party mentioned on the account before it went changed.

The account accused Boyer of being “anti-Black,” “anti-lgbtq,” and a Trump supporter. 

“Darryl L. Boyer is a fraud misrepresenting diversity on campus,” read one of the account’s Instagram story posts.

The account also accused Bradley of being a “Known racist to his black race that he doesn’t claim.”

Spinnaker staff screenshotted more of the Instagram stories that the anti-Charge Party account posted:

The account posted at least seven Instagram stories and at least five regular posts. The account was also following at least 34 people but was only followed by one user. Soon after Spinnaker was made aware of the page, the user behind the account began deleting all the content within the page. The account then had the name “rnadoooo,” and looked like this:

Spinnaker did some digging and it seems the user of the account has a phone number ending in the number “98” and an email with nine characters beginning and ending with the letter “s.”

Spinnaker did not by any means attempt to login/ hack the account. Spinnaker simply previewed the information.

At the time of writing this article, the account remains with one singular follower, but it is a different user than before. 

The UNF Office of Elections responded to the account by posting the following graphic on their Instagram page:

Graphic courtesy of UNF Office of Elections.

“There is an Instagram account that has been published regarding one of the Universities political parties. The Office of Elections does not condone this type of behavior or bullying.”

Spinnaker will be reaching out to Boyer and Bradley for a statement regarding these events and continue to report on occurrences surrounding the Student Government election and its candidates. 


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