WHM Spotlight: Susan B. Anthony

Hayley Simonson, Managing Editor

Susan B. Anthony is one of the most well-known pioneers of the women’s suffrage movement, a decade-long fight for women to receive the right to vote.

Anthony was born in 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts to a Quaker family. If you are unfamiliar with Quakers, they belong to a historically Christian protestant denomination. 

She was inspired her whole life by the Quaker belief that everyone is equal under God. 

In 1851, Anthony met Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Stanton is another well-known women’s suffragist of her time. The two became good friends and worked together for over 50 years fighting for women’s rights. They actively demanded through speeches that women be given the right to vote. Anthony often risked being arrested for sharing her ideas in public.

Anthony and Stanton also co-founded the American Equal Rights Association, and Anthony gave powerful speeches against slavery. In 1868, Stanton and Anthony became editors of The Revolution, which helped to spread ideas of equality and women’s rights. Many people supported it, yet others hated and opposed their ideas.

After the 14th and 15th amendments were passed that gave African-American men the right to vote, they formed the National Woman Suffrage Association, to push for a constitutional amendment that also gave women the right to vote . 

In 1872, Anthony was arrested for voting. This made many people angry and brought more positive attention to the suffrage movement. In 1876, Anthony led a protest at the Centennial, or one-century anniversary, of our nation’s independence, and gave a speech titled “Declaration of Rights.”

Anthony died in 1906 which was 14 years before the 19th amendment was passed in 1920. The 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony will forever be recognized as a leader of change and progress in the women’s movement. 

“The true republic: men, their rights, and nothing more: women, their rights, and nothing less.” – Susan B. Anthony 


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