UNF alumni Andrew Baker collapses after 15k River Run

Darvin Nelson, Editor-in-Chief

Andrew Baker, a UNF alumni, is fighting for his life after collapsing at the finish line of Jacksonville’s 15k River Gate Run on Saturday, March 20.

Baker has since suffered through multiple cardiac arrhythmias and rhabdomyolysis. His MRI scans showed a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with widespread brain swelling, according to his sister.

A gofundme was created by Gillian Renee for Baker. The fund has already raised over $34,000, which is over half of its goal.

“The immediate costs that we will be responsible for are his deductible (15k), lodging for our family as we travel to and from Jacksonville among many many other things,” his sister wrote in the gofundme description.

Baker’s sister also stated that  “he crossed the finished line and collapsed right there in front of the medical tent and had to be resuscitated three times on the way to UF Health Jacksonville.” 

Neurologists say this is a worst-case scenario, according to the statement.

Baker is on Dialysis 24/7, and a ventilator to ease his organs and help to breathe.

Andrew is fit, healthy, and leads a life of purpose daily using every ounce of energy in his body for uplifting others, Baker’s sister explains.

“To know him is to love him. Just a moment in his presence is like standing in heaven. While we know that this is going to be a very long road ahead, we have put our faith in the Lord and are optimistic as we sit patiently and wait for what’s to come.”

I look forward to and pray for the day we will all be able to feel his warm embrace, see his ear to ear infectious smile and hear that voice and laugh again,” his sister says. People can donate to the gofundme here.


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