How to prep for finals week

Mally Nichols, Reporter

The end of the semester is only weeks away, with finals week officially beginning on April 17th. This means that now is the time to start gearing up for final exams and projects, but what are the best ways to prepare for finals week?

Make a study guide and quiz yourself

One of the best ways to make sure you’re ready for an exam is to go back through all the material and organize it into a study guide. Or maybe your professor even made a guide for the exam! Try making flashcards or using resources like Quizlet to memorize terms and information. 

Attend review classes/sessions

If the class is holding a review, make sure to attend it! Even if it seems like the review may not be helpful to you, it’s still a good excuse to review the material again, especially material that may specifically be on the final exam.

Organize a socially distanced study group

Following COVID-19 safety guidelines, put together a small group of people who are studying for the same test. Teaching and quizzing each other is a fun and effective way to refamiliarize yourself with the material in order to ace that test. Plus, it also helps other people in the process!

Make a study schedule

Keeping track of what exams are completed on which days is a fantastic way to prioritize what to study and when. It’s a good idea to look up the date of your finals and create a schedule for studying so that there’s time to thoroughly prepare for all of them.

Take care of yourself

While exams and studying are very important, it’s also important to practice self-care in such a high-stress time. Ensure that you’re also prioritizing yourself by staying well rested, balancing work and play, and eating properly. Not taking care of yourself will only make it more difficult to focus and absorb the materials. 

UNF offers different events and activities specifically for finals week each semester. This semester, the library will be open 24/7 to accommodate for students who work at all hours of the day starting on April 11th. 

They will also be hosting YouTube livestreams on April 19th, 20th, and 21st. As these events are coming up, they can be viewed on the library’s event calendar

Make sure that you’re keeping track of your friends during finals week as well. Make sure they’re taking care of themselves and, if they might need a pick-me-up to finish out the semester on a positive note, the library is also currently taking requests for Finals Week Pet Grams. 

Pet Grams are when the library will be sending out photos of cute pets with custom messages. You can submit as many requests as you like, but Grams will be sent out on April 19th, so be sure to get all your requests in before April 15th. If you’d like to submit a request, simply click here to fill out the form. 


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