What does getting the vaccine mean for students?

Jordan Ramos, Reporter

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is a priority for some Americans but not important to others. UNF students have a chance to get the vaccine on April 6 and 7, and some are jumping at the chance to receive it.

 Fadil Fauzi (Unplash).

Some students are eager to get the vaccine in order to protect their family or friends who may be immunocompromised. “I want to get the vaccine for my family. My mom and dad are already vaccinated but my sister isn’t and she’s about to have a baby. I want to be vaccinated so none of them catch COVID,” said student Erikk Olivier. 

Other students not only want to protect the family but also protect other people in general. “I would really like to reduce the caseload. I don’t like seeing all of the harm COVID is doing, and if I can do anything to make it better, I’d like to,” said student Sam Rakita. 

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine was exciting for a number of people because it allows them to protect themself and others. “I was really relieved and happy when I got the vaccine. I got it mostly because it doesn’t help if an individual gets it but it helps if everyone gets vaccinated,” said student Camaguey Horne.

While it may not be a priority for everyone, many students want to get the vaccine. If you would like to get the vaccine, sign up at this link. Once you schedule the appointment, you must fill out the Pfizer Consent Form which can be found on the UNF SHS website. The Pfizer vaccine is two shots, 21 days apart. Once you’ve completed those steps, bring your UNF ID and the Pfizer Consent form with you to the appointment.


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