Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ review

Jordan Ramos, Reporter

“The Circle’s” second season started off with a bang in its first four episodes airing on April 14. Each episode overdramatized everything –  just like other reality shows like it. 

The show starts out with eight individuals who have to win each other over by only talking through social media. In every other episode, the members rate each other on who they like the best. The top two individuals become influencers and must then vote someone out of the competition.

This season has a great cast so far with some really fun people. Netflix brought back Chloe from one of its other reality shows “Too Hot to Handle.” Chloe brings tons of energy to the cast with her bubbly nature. This season also has someone catfishing everyone as NSYNC’s Lance Bass. Lisa is Bass’s assistant and hopes to trick other players into thinking she’s him so that she can win the prize of $100,000.

The Circle has some great set designs. Every contestant’s room looks like an extension of their personality and gives a variety of colors. The building itself is also beautiful, especially the hot tub area on the roof. The drama in the show is just like any other reality show. Many things are played up especially through the music. 

The show overall is a fun time. It’s a great show to watch with friends and have a good time, and the premise itself is interesting.


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