Update: Senate President recently found not in violation of discrimination, or malfeasance

Today, the UNF Supreme Court found Senate President Rachel Saunders not in violation of two previous charges against her including Title X 1002.1, or Title VII 702.1 (discrimination and malfeasance). Saunders is found in violation of Title VII 702.1 C or “Neglect of Duty,” according to the SG report. Articles of Impeachment are being recommended to the Legislator.

Screenshot from SG report.


Screenshot from SG report.

This violation stems from the event of inappropriate remarks made by Senators in a GroupMe chat during an emergency senate hearing.

Legislation must be passed to “clarify the meaning of ‘duty to act,’ specifically in the context of a group chat in which leadership is involved, the majority are party members, and in which official business is discussed,” the report concluded.

Ospreys can read the full official Student Government report here.


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