UPD deatains group with two firearms on-campus; They were attempting to make a ‘Rap’ video, police say

Morgan Jeremy, Reporter

Three people were detained on the afternoon of July 22 for possession of a prohibited weapon and marijuana on school grounds, according to a police report. The group of three say they were going to make a rap video, police say.

While conducting a property check of Lot 100, a UNF PD officer observed a vehicle exit the parking lot onto 1 UNF Dr, only to return moments later. The vehicle then parked and two suspects, the driver, and passenger exited the car and headed toward building 100. 

One of the subjects, Tyler, began smoking a cigarette while he appeared to ‘scan the area.’ He appeared physically nervous which prompted the officer to investigate. 

When the officer approached Tyler, he became verbally uncooperative, looked toward building 100, and began to yell out names. Due to his failure to cooperate and provide identification, Tyler was placed in handcuffs until identified and searched. 

After being placed in the patrol unit, Tyler agreed to speak with officers and stated that he and the two others were on campus to film a “rap video” on the UNF nature trails.  

 Stay on campus and enjoy the UNF nature trails.

Upon further investigation of the vehicle, a small bag of fewer than 20 grams of marijuana was observed and the handle of what appeared to be a semi-auto handgun in between the driver’s seat and center console.

Due to the presence of the weapon, more officers arrived on the scene and the remaining two suspects, Hampton and Burrell, were detained. 

Burrell, the driver, was very cooperative and stated that both the marijuana and handgun were his, and confirmed the suspects were here to film the rap video.

Hampton, the third suspect also cooperated with officers, said that he was aware of the weapon and marijuana in the car, and revealed that he had a handgun in the glovebox. Hampton then handed officers a valid CCF permit; however, it was from South Carolina. Hampton stated he was unaware that he could not carry in another state and the black Taurus 9MM handgun with nine live rounds was confiscated. 

All three subjects were checked for warrants and cleared. 

Burrell was issued an NTA (notice to appear) for the possession of the marijuana and handgun and both items were confiscated and placed in the JSO property room. 

The other handgun was returned to Hampton who was reminded of the rules of carrying a concealed firearm. 

All three suspects were “trespassed” from UNF and understood they were no longer allowed on UNF property, police say.


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