Police Beat November 9th – 14th

Joseph Basco

Nov. 9 Bicycle Theft (Osprey Fountains) – The victim said she left her bicycle near a fence by the pool Nov. 8. The victim did not lock her bicycle to the fence. The next morning, she went outside and discovered her bicycle was missing. The victim did not know the bicycle’s serial number. A canvass of the bicycle racks in the vicinity was conducted with negative results. The officer told the victim to continue looking for her bicycle and contact UPD if it is found. At 6:40 p.m, the victim called UPD and said she found her bicycle at a rack between the Robinson Theater and Osprey Village. The bicycle was not damaged. The suspect remains unidentified and at large. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Nov. 9 Bicycle Theft (Osprey Cove) – The victim said his bicycle was stolen from the bicycle rack at Osprey Cove Building V. He said the bike was locked and last seen the day before at 3 p.m. The victim will attempt to locate a serial number for the bicycle. A canvass was not conducted due to the rack location being out of view from any residence room. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Nov. 10 Intoxicated Student (Osprey Landing) – At 3:08 a.m., an officer observed the student walking in the courtyard. The student was unsteady on her feet, and her speech was slurred. The officer assisted the student to her seat. The student could not give an exact housing room number. She then became upset and was placed in the officer’s patrol car. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue 50 responded to the scene. JFRD did not transport her to a hospital. The student blew a .154 blood alcohol content level. The student was transported to Gateway Services.

Nov. 12 Snack Food Theft (Osprey Cove) – An officer was conducting a property check of Osprey Cove Building V, where damage had been done to a vending machine in the laundry room. The plexi-glass of the vending machine had been pushed inward. There were still snacks in the upper portion of the machine, but it was evident that approximately 35-40 snacks were stolen. No latent fingerprint evidence was found due to the surface condition of the glass. The officer contacted Canteen Vending about the incident.

Nov. 12 Marijuana and Alcohol Possession (Osprey Crossings) – An officer observed a glass bong with marijuana residue sitting on the exterior window pane of a room. The room window was open with a piece of red cloth blocking the view of the interior. There was an odor of marijuana emanating from the room. The suspect gave the officer permission to enter the room, in which there were four other students. The officer asked the first suspect about the bong and he admitted to owning it. The victim was advised of his legal rights and was questioned regarding additional illicit items in the room. The suspect said there was a small amount of marijuana in the top drawer of his room desk. The officer also observed bottles of whiskey, vodka and beer. A second suspect claimed ownership of the alcohol. The first suspect was issued a Notice to Appear for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. The second suspect was issued a Notice to Appear for possession of alcohol by an underage person. All five students were referred to Student Conduct.

Nov. 12 Marijuana (Osprey Crossings) – A UPD officer met with a resident assistant who found a small bag of marijuana on the ground. The RA did not know who the marijuana belonged to. The marijuana weighed 0.9 grams. The marijuana was placed in the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office.

Nov. 13 Sick Person (Building 9) – The subject, an Outtakes employee, was standing behind the counter. She said she was weak and fell to the floor and hit her head. Her coworkers helped her up and called emergency services. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue responded to the scene. The subject is a UNF student. The subject signed a medical release form and was not transported to a hospital.

Nov. 14 Criminal Mischief (Lot 18) – The victim said she parked her vehicle in Lot 18 Nov. 7 at 2:30 p.m. She did not notice any damage that day. She returned to campus Nov. 9 and parked at the Arena Parking Garage. When she returned to her vehicle at 9 p.m., she noticed scratches on both sides of the vehicle. The victim reported the damage Nov. 14. The officer observed the scratches, which were shallow and wavy. The officer attempted to canvass Lot 18, but did not find any witnesses due to the transient nature of the area. The suspect remains unidentified and at large.