Student living that UNF offers: what’s the best and what’s the worst?

Hayley Simonson, Managing Editor

The Department of Housing and Residence Life at UNF offers students many options if they’re choosing to live on campus. With all these options come differing opinions about the places that are the best to live and the places that are the worst. 

For first-year housing, there are four different housing spots students can live in. These are Osprey Hall, Osprey Crossings, Osprey Landing, and Osprey Cove. If you have lived on campus as a freshman at one point, you’re most likely familiar with all of them. Some first-year students live in The Osprey Fountains as well. 

Photo by Spinnaker Media.

All of the rooms in these buildings are formatted and designed like the average college dorm. Some of the differences are that Osprey Hall has private occupancy rooms, Osprey Crossings has double occupancy rooms, sometimes triple, and Osprey Landing and Cove have double occupancy rooms for residents as well. Some of these circumstances may differ to accommodate medical or disability needs as assessed by UNF Student Accessibility Services. 

Osprey Hall has a shared lounge space and shared bathroom space as opposed to Cove, Crossings, and Landing which have their own bathroom in each room.

Then there is what is considered to be Upper-Class housing which is The Fountains, The Flats, and the Villages.

In The Flats, there are four or five-person suites but private room and double bedroom options are available. You need a year-round housing contract to live at The Flats. It’s month-to-month rent and designed more like a traditional apartment.

The Fountains offers single- and double-room (four- and six-bed) suites with two bathrooms and high-speed data access and cable in each bedroom. There are also private rooms, which offer a private bathroom. At the Fountains, you’ll find a welcome desk, game room, fitness center, and several theme lounges.

Osprey Fountains. Photo by Spinnaker Media.

Osprey Fountains also offers a multiplex with several meeting rooms and each house has a large lounge/living room and two study rooms. Every floor has its own laundry room. Cove, Crossings, Hall, and Landing also have designated rooms for students to do laundry. 

Osprey Village Apartments has one and two-bedroom furnished apartments with a full kitchen and bath. Each of the apartment buildings has a central courtyard. The one-bedroom apartment is a single-story, “flat” style unit made up of 400 square feet of living space. Two students share this style of apartment. 

The two-bedroom, “townhouse” apartment features a spiral staircase leading from the living room to a loft-style bedroom on the second floor. Two-bedroom apartments are shared by four students.  All apartments are kitchen-equipped and completely furnished. A laundry room is also located next to the complex in the Osprey Clubhouse.  

Spinnaker asked students what they thought were the best places to live on campus as well as which places they thought were the worst.

Most of the students who replied said that Osprey Hall is the worst place to live. One student called it “cheap,” while another said it was “aka Hell.”

Multiple people said The Fountains are the best because they’re clean, nice, have private rooms, and are not far from campus. Another person said that Osprey Crossings is nice, but is the farthest walk on campus. Someone said The Villages are the worst because of a roach problem and the fact that outlets don’t work.

Another student said The Flats are the worst because of no ethernet and mold on the ceiling.


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