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Police Beat Nov. 30

Check out the Best of Police Beat of Fall 2011

Frank LoMonte, executive director of the Student Press Law Center, has offered The Spinnaker advice regarding students’ rights. Take note of these measures; you may be in Police Beat next semester.

  • The contract you sign for on-campus housing may waive certain rights. It’s always a good idea to read the fine print on any lease to see what type of access you are consenting to give.
  • Your rights depend on whether or not you are in custody during the incident. If you are in custody, you are entitled to be read your Miranda rights, including the right to legal counsel and the right against self-incrimination.
  • As a crime victim, your rights are a matter primarily of state law. Under the Florida Constitution Amendment 16, the victim has the right to be notified of the progress of a criminal prosecution of the suspect and to be present at all of the essential stages of the criminal case, from the initial court appearance through the trial. Other than that, you do not have any legally enforceable right to demand that the police investigate your case with any particular level of diligence. For example, if the police decide that a stolen bike is not a high priority, then you don’t have a legally protected right to demand that they assign an officer to the case.

Nov. 15 Information (Social Sciences Building) – A UPD officer spoke with a professor about a former student who came to her office. The professor said the former student was in one of her classes in the Spring 2011 semester. She said that during one class, the student kissed her in front of the class. The professor said to the student that attention was not wanted and never to do it again. On Nov. 15, the former student went to the professor’s office. He asked if she was mad at him. The professor said he is not a student here any longer, so they do not have to talk. He then left the building. The officer told the professor to call UPD if the former student returned to campus.

Nov. 18 Sick Person (Osprey Hall) – An FSCJ student was sitting on the floor of the Osprey Hall lobby. He said to officers he had taken two hits of LSD and smoked two marijuana cigarettes. A witness said the student had come over from Osprey Fountains to hang out. He began to leave Osprey Hall, but then he grabbed his chest and throat. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department 50 transported the student to Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.

Nov. 18 Computer Theft (Fine Arts Center Garage) – The victim said he set his laptop in a black bag against the tire of his truck on the fourth floor of the Fine Arts Center Garage. He drove forward and left and did not return to look for his laptop until three hours later. He checked lost and found to no avail. The computer was a Dell laptop with a white Apple logo applied over the Dell logo.

Nov. 19 Illicit Party Room (Osprey Cove) – An officer and resident assistant entered a room that had marijuana odor lingering. The officer observed a student sitting in the center of the room. The student said he did not live in the room and he was sleeping there for the night. He said the room is a transient room with many students sleeping and partying there. He denied ownership of the marijuana pipes and pipe cleaners. The student said the prescription pills belong to the resident of the room. The resident was not present at the time. The student was referred to Student Conduct.

Nov. 19 Marijuana Possession and Use (Osprey Landing) – The room resident gave the officer consent to enter the room. The officer smelled marijuana and observed a glass bottle containing marijuana on a desk. There were five other students in the room. The officer searched the rest of the room and found a glass pipe, a glass bong, a grinder, a digital scale and another grinder. All items contained marijuana residue. There was also a bottle of rum, which was disposed of in front of the officer. The two room residents were each given a Notice to Appear for possession of fewer than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. All students were referred to Student Conduct.

Nov. 20 Ecstasy, Marijuana and Alcohol Possession (Osprey Cove) – The officer searched a room that smelled of marijuana. There were a total of nine students in the room. The room resident gave the officer consent to search the room. The officer found a pill in the resident’s desk, which was tested and found to be ecstasy. A bag of marijuana was under his bed sheets. Other paraphernalia was found in his backpack. A black gym bag containing 10 bottles of liquor was under his bed. The suspect claimed possession of everything. The student was arrested and transported to the Duval County pretrial detention facility. All nine students were referred to Student Conduct.

Nov. 20 Cheese Theft (Ozzies) – A student attempted to steal cheese from Ozzies in Osprey Fountains. An employee stopped the suspect as he attempted to leave Osprey Fountains. The suspect complied and then emptied his pockets, revealing a package of sliced cheese, valued at $4.27. The officer spoke to the suspect. The suspect corroborated the employee’s detail of the event. The manager of Ozzies wished to press charges against the suspect. The suspect was issued a Notice to Appear for petty theft. He was also referred to Student Conduct.

Nov. 20 Ecstasy and Marijuana Possession (Osprey Cove) – Both room residents gave the officer consent to enter the room, which had an odor of marijuana. One room resident said any illegal item in the room was his. In his desk drawer was an ecstasy pill and marijuana with paraphernalia. The suspect was arrested and sent to the Duval County pretrial detention facility. He was referred to Student Conduct.

Nov. 21 Ecstasy and Marijuana Possession (Osprey Fountains) – An officer smelled marijuana from a room and was granted consent to search by the room residents. The officer did not find any illicit items. For “officer safety reasons,” the officer had the residents exit the room. Another officer found an ecstasy pill under a desk chair. A bag containing marijuana was found in a cabinet beside the desk. A gravity bong was found under one of the student’s bed. The student was read his rights. He then became upset and said he was set up and mislead. He wanted to file a complaint. He was issued a Notice to Appear and referred to Student Conduct.

Nov. 28 iPhone Theft (Biology Building) – The victim said she left her iPhone on the bench where she normally sits in lab. During the lab, the students moved to different areas in the room. After 10 minutes she returned to the bench but her phone was missing. She said the majority of the class already left. Afterward, the victim called UPD and said the phone was tracked to a location in the city. The officer could not locate a corresponding address to the list of students in the class. The investigation is ongoing.

Nov. 28 iPad Burglary (Redacted Location) – The victims, who are roommates, went to the UPD building to report a burglary. The first victim said an unknown person entered their on-campus housing unit during Thanksgiving break and stole his iPad. The second victim said his floor safe was stolen. The victims and officer went to their room. The officer found out an unknown person entered their room through the front door. The door latch does not fully engage, which may cause the door to stay ajar. The officer did not find any pry marks or physical evidence. The stolen items were on the floor at the time of the theft, but nothing else was stolen. A key audit of the door is pending.

Nov. 29 Drug Paraphernalia (Lot 55) – At 12:20 a.m., a UPD officer pulled a vehicle over for having their tag light out. The officer smelled marijuana emanating from the vehicle. The officer was granted consent to search the vehicle. The officer found a metal grinder and a pack of rolling papers with marijuana residue. The suspect was advised of his rights and he claimed possession of the items. The suspect was issued a Notice to Appear for possession of drug paraphernalia and a UPD warning citation for a non-functioning tag light. The paraphernalia was taken to the JSO property room. The suspect was referred to Student Conduct.

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