The Bachelor: Episode 3 recap

Mallory Pace, Reporter

Previously on The Bachelor

The second episode of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ ended with Clayton asking the host if anyone has ever taken a rose back after learning one contestant might have another guy waiting for her back at home.

Episode 3

“There are no rules. You can do whatever you want to do,” host and former bachelor Jesse Palmer told Clayton. Clayton and Cassidy talked about the accusations, and Cassidy went as far as to say she has not had a relationship with anyone since 2019. Clayton continued to press further, and Cassidy finally admitted she had been seeing a guy back at home, but was not interested in continuing her relationship with him. 

Clayton sent Cassidy home in well-deserved tears and heartbreak. “Dishonesty is a deal-breaker for me,” Clayton said. The night ended with a rose ceremony that sent home 3 women: Tessa, Kate, and Ency.

A group date card arrived captioned, “I see you… Love, Clayton.” The date host and former bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, appeared to announce that the date would challenge their vulnerability and openness. The women shared incredibly difficult stories of their past relationships and insecurities that they struggle with. Clayton also used the time to express his own insecurities with his body image, which really resonated with a lot of the women. The group date was a great chance to learn a lot about the women and ended in plenty of tears.

At the after-party of the date, Clayton expressed how difficult it was to choose just one woman to give the rose to, given how open and honest each girl was on the date. He ultimately gave the group date rose to Eliza, granting her immunity in the next rose ceremony. 

A one-on-one date card arrived with Sarah Hamrick’s name on it. The other women, as disappointed as they were, still expressed happiness for Sarah. Shanae Ankney, who stirred up trouble in the last episode, started to show her true colors. “Everyone’s always celebrating everyone. I don’t get it. I see, like, the fakeness. Like, do you want to be in this competition?” Shanae said. It seems like Shanae is treating this experience more like a competition with the other contestants, rather than a journey to find love. This isn’t Survivor, Shanae, wrong show.

Sarah and Clayton’s one-on-one date was hosted by former bachelorette, Rebecca Kufrin. They were told to strip down to their underwear and complete a series of activities that would force them to be embarrassed and show their vulnerability. They answered some deep questions with each other and then stepped up to the mic and sang in front of the park. Luckily, there weren’t many bystanders, as they were still in their underwear. Their date ended at the Van Gogh exhibit and a very romantic dinner. They uncovered more truth about each other, one being how Sarah was adopted as a kid and has struggled with that throughout her life. Clayton clearly recognized and appreciated her honesty and openness, so he gave her the rose.

 Clayton Echard and Nicole Eggert | ABC/John Fleenor.

Back at the house, tension continued to build between Shanae and Elizabeth. When both of their names were on the group date card, it was clear that the drama wouldn’t subside any time soon. The group date took place on the beach with host Nicole Eggert, known for her role on Baywatch. The women put on the classic Baywatch swimsuits, bright red one-pieces. They competed in a few activities like CPR and slow-motion running. Nicole Eggert chose the woman she thought gave it her all: Gabby. The group date continued into a cocktail party that gave the women a chance to have more personal time with Clayton. Unfortunately, the women spent more time talking to Clayton about the drama in the house instead of getting to know each other, specifically drama with Shanae and Elizabeth. 

During Shanae and Clayton’s discussion, Shanae broke down crying, complaining about Elizabeth. “I’m feeling bullied in the house… It’s hard because like, sometimes I don’t want to be here because, like am I gonna get yelled at or victimized?” Shanae told Clayton. Immediately after their talk, Shanae went behind the scenes and said, “Oh my god. He believed me. I have him. Trust me, I know I have him. I was good.” 

Clayton relayed Shanae’s complaints to Elizabeth to hear her side of things. Elizabeth told Clayton she has been nothing but kind to her and essentially told him Shanae is the problem in the house. The women, including Elizabeth, confronted Shanae about her accusations which resulted in most of the women agreeing that Shanae needed to go home. Clayton closed the night by giving the rose to Gabby.

The fourth episode of ‘The Bachelor’ will premiere on Feb. 1.


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