Column: What your preferred location to study says about you

Mallory Pace, Reporter

UNF Library: You’re classic.

If you prefer the UNF library, you’re either messing around with friends who don’t get anything done, or you’re seriously cramming and this time it’s not a joke. 

You probably enjoy the typical lifestyle of a student and find comfort in being at school. There’s nothing wrong with preferring the UNF library, the different floors accommodate the level of noise you’re comfortable with and it’s open until three in the morning. There’s also something comforting about being surrounded by your fellow peers and knowing they’re probably just as stressed as you are.

 Sophomore TaVianna Brooks responded to Spinnaker’s Instagram poll saying she prefers to study in the UNF Library.

 “It’s easy to coordinate study groups there and there’s an environment for everyone.”

A view across the small lake in front of the Thomas G. Carpenter Library. (Justin Nedrow)

Starbucks: You live for chaos

 It takes skill to be able to study in the middle of a Starbucks. The environment is a constant buzz of noise coming from conversations, workers, machines, and music. It’s a people-watcher’s holy grail.

It’s hard not to notice the sounds of people coming and going, names being yelled out every few seconds, and the couple at the table next to you that sounds like they’re breaking up. But, as I type this in the middle of a Starbucks, I can understand the appeal. A silent environment doesn’t always equate to zero distractions, and the best concentration can sometimes come from intentionally blocking out the noise around you. 

Even so, if Starbucks is your preferred location to study, you thrive off chaos and do your best work in the middle of it.  

 Starbucks. Photo by Ronnie Rodgers.

A Local Coffee Shop: You’re a hopeless romantic. 

 If you prefer to find a local coffee shop to study at, you’re probably secretly hoping to meet the love of your life there, or maybe it’s just quieter than a chain coffeehouse (but probably the former).

You’re mysterious; you might bring a copy of Hemingway and pretend to read it in a corner. You’ll probably order a hot cappuccino when all you really want is an iced coffee with extra sugar. You consider your music taste “underground” and then listen to Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Tame Impala. 

But don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience a change of scenery, and supporting a local coffee shop is a great way to do so. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic either; it’s fun to look for love in even the mundane things like studying. Just don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t turn out like the movies, but there’s only one way to find out… 

 Sippers Coffeehouse on Gate Parkway has an assortment of tables and cubbies perfect for group studying or reading silently. Photo courtesy of Sippers Coffeehouse.

Public Library: You’re old-school. 

 You’re probably the youngest person in there aside from the screaming children in the kid’s sections. Away from the children, you enjoy peace and quiet and might even pick up a print newspaper, reading it alongside the group of seniors doing the same.

You genuinely enjoy the smell of paperback books and old people, but in a comforting and safe way; you’re an old soul. You might prefer discovering new books off the shelf, or you’ve figured out you don’t need to pay for a book you’ll most likely only read once. 

There are 20 public library locations in Jacksonville, and although it may not be the first place you consider, it provides the silence you need and the change of scenery you crave. 

 Mural of a person holding books. (Justin Nedrow)

Home: You need zero distractions. 

If you go anywhere else to try and study, you know you will fail. Or you just want the option to take a nap if you feel like taking a break. 

If you prefer to study at home or in your dorm room, you might take pride in your space and feel the most comfortable and proactive there. Plus, you’ve got all the study snacks and coffee you could want without having to go out and buy them.  

As finals peek around the corner and the familiar scent of stress begins to fill the air, just make sure wherever you choose to study is most comfortable for you so you can finish this semester strong. 


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