Police Beat, Jan. 11

Joseph Basco

Jan. 5 Sick Person (University Center) – A UPD sergeant assisted Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Engine Unit 50 in responding to a person needing rescue. The person was waiting with a group of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute members who were going to attend a class and began to feel dizzy. Rescue 50 transported the person to the Mayo Clinic for evaluation.

Jan. 5 Sick Person (University Center) – A UPD sergeant assisted Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Engine Unit 50 in responding to a UNF employee needing rescue. The employee was experiencing chest pains. Rescue 50 transported the ailing individual to Baptist Hospital for further observation. The UPD officer reporting this incident contacted the employee’s daughter.
Jan. 5 – Marijuana Possession and Use (Osprey Fountains) – A resident assistant said he smelled marijuana odor emanating from a dorm room during an inspection of the room’s common area. The officer also smelled the burning marijuana and was given consent to search the room. The officer found a mug containing marijuana and two packets of rolling paper with marijuana residue. The student was read his rights and then claimed possession of the items. The student was issued a Notice to Appear for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The items were seized and taken to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Property Room. The student was referred to student Conduct.

Jan. 6 Razor Blade Rails (Osprey Landing) – A UNF Housing employee was cleaning the hand railing on the second floor of Building Y when he found a razor blade taped to the railing. The blade was barely visible and positioned upward. He searched the other railings and found another blade on the third floor. The blades were found near two dorm rooms, but the officer could not contact anyone at either room. The officer did not find any other blades at nearby buildings.
Jan. 6 Wallet Theft (Boathouse Grille) – The victim left her wallet in the back room area of the Boathouse at 7 p.m. She returned two hours later to retrieve her wallet, but it was missing. She said she searched the surrounding area but was unable to locate her wallet. The officer issued the victim a case information card and advised her to contact UPD with any additional information. The wallet contained a bank issued Visa credit/debit card, a Florida-issued driver’s license, a UNF Osprey 1Card and between $30 to $40 cash. The case is not cleared, and a patrol will follow up.
Jan. 7 Chain Guard and Parking Permit Theft (Fine Arts Center Parking Garage) – The victim parked his motorcycle on the first floor of Garage 44 Dec. 1. His parking permit was attached to the chain guard of his motorcycle. He returned Jan. 7 and discovered his chain guard and parking permit were missing. The chain guard was unbolted from both ends. Patrol efforts have been suspended.
Jan. 8 Alcohol and Drug Paraphernalia Possession (Osprey Landing) – A resident assistant smelled marijuana in her bathroom but was unsure where the odor came from. Two officers searched the vicinity for the source. A student walked out of a dorm room right below the RAs, and the officers smelled marijuana coming from this room. The officers stopped the student and asked about the odor. The student said the dorm belonged to his brother. The officers then questioned the brother about the marijuana odor. He said the search was unfair, and he was being harassed. The RA and resident life coordinator entered the room to conduct a health and safety inspection. The officer also entered the room and observed two more students sitting in the common area of the room. The students refused to answer the officer regarding the marijuana odor. The officer found a 12-pack of beer on the floor. The room resident, the brother, claimed ownership of the beer. The officer also found a pipe with marijuana residue in an opened desk drawer. The resident refused to give consent to search. The resident was given a Notice to Appear for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of alcohol by a minor. During the incident, the brother who first exited the room shouted “pigs” at the officer as he exited the area. The four students were referred to Student Conduct.

Joseph Basco, News Editor

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