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Jace Brown

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter

Jace Brown is an opinions reporter for Spinnaker.

All content by Jace Brown
(Lauren Mancke/Unsplash)

OPINION: UNF needs more in-person classes

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter December 5, 2023
There are many integral parts of a college degree that are far more than just earning a degree itself. The underlying factors contribute almost equal weight to your name on a diploma.
(Tessa Rampersad/Unsplash)

OPINION: Christmas still counts in November

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter November 30, 2023
November, falls final ochre sunset that bids welcome to the rise of an alabaster winter moon. Although you won’t find much of winter past the Florida-Georgia line, Christmas is just around the corner down Candy Cane Lake. December is remembered as a time when Christmas magic is most plentiful. Traditions of cheer-evoking music, inviting light displays and hearty foods are factors that rush into life on Dec. 1. But what about November?
(Jessica Knowlden/Unsplash)

OPINION: Rain? Where’s the coverage?

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter November 17, 2023
Our campus wouldn’t be UNF without nature engulfing the concrete in a serene atmosphere. The cupbearer of nature’s kingdom–rain–brings both sour and sweet inevitabilities. But it’s a double-edged sword. On campus, our focus on preserving the beauty of mother nature also allows for a high risk of being drenched when her cupbearer spills the glass.
American flags on the Green honoring veterans for Veterans Day.

OPINION: Veterans built America

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter November 11, 2023
Veterans have always been an integral part of what gives America its identity, a fact that has stood time’s trial. Whether we know a veteran personally or not, it's important to take at least a moment or two on Veterans Day to appreciate those who have made tremendous personal sacrifices to ensure our own safety.
OPINION: Disney Star Wars is on its way out

OPINION: Disney Star Wars is on its way out

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter October 17, 2023
Star Wars is in a Bacta tank. Disney has a knack for turning hulking franchises into Cinderella’s mice, and unfortunately, Star Wars is no exception. The ending of the franchise’s cultural relevance doesn’t seem to be far far away.
Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., walks on Capitol Hill on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023, in Washington. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

OPINION: Shorts are not fit for senators

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter October 6, 2023
An artificial hold was thought to have been placed on Congress finding universal common ground. That theory was proven wrong, and the catalyst was none other than shorts.
(Solen Feyissa/Unsplash)

OPINION: TikTok is watching

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter October 5, 2023
The Chinese government controls every company within its borders, including TikTok’s parent company ByteDance which is headquartered in Beijing. People should be aware of the personal data they’re signing away, especially when that data is likely headed for the Chinese Communist Party.
Graphic of inflation mixed with a heartbeat, created by Spinnaker

OPINION: Inflation is sweeping Jacksonville, UNF can help

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter September 28, 2023
“Rent is not rising in Jacksonville.” On its face, that statement seems egregiously out of touch. More accurately, rent is not currently rising, but the cost of living has surged exponentially in recent years. Rent now towers over its price in past years.
(Graphic created by Spinnaker. Mask cartoon courtesy of visual/Unsplash.)

OPINION: Mask mandates belong in 2020

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter September 19, 2023
COVID mask mandates should never return. The constitutional question of mask mandates has never been entirely resolved. With the pandemic over and mask mandates largely gone, the question of their legality remains important.
The team released renderings for the Stadium of the Future in June. (Courtesy of the Jacksonville Jaguars)

OPINION: A billion dollars is a big ask from the Jaguars to Jacksonville residents

Jace Brown, Opinions Reporter September 11, 2023
The Jaguars are asking for $1 billion to stay in Jacksonville. Although political division consumes society, most of the city (as of last year) was against the renovation of EverBank Stadium. Before the stadium’s true cost was officially announced, a UNF Public Opinion Research Lab poll asked residents whether they would support spending $850 million on a new stadium. Eighty percent said no. 
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