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Tajmaus Johnson
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Witnesses shed light on SG Vice President-elect’s disqualification

New information from Student Government shows Vice President-elect Tajmaus Johnson was disqualified for shouting “f– you,” as well as physically intimidating SG President Isabella Genta. According to Genta and four other witnesses, Johnson was looming over Genta and was screaming obscenities like “f— off” and “f— you.” He also referred […]

Mims, left, and Tajmaus Johnson of the Red Party.Photo courtesy the Red Party Facebook
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SG Supreme Court suspends President-elect for first 10 days in office

Student Government President-elect Samantha Mims will begin her term with a 10-day suspension after a March 9 Supreme Court hearing. The judicial complaint, filed by chairwoman of the United Party Katherine Thames, said Mims defamed the United Party by misrepresenting the party through Mims’ original complaint (see below). “Mims goes beyond simply […]