Letter to the Editor: UNF needs a stronger campus community

Mitchell Aarons, Student Government senator

I am writing to address a pressing issue affecting our university; the need for a stronger campus community. To achieve this, I propose focusing on two key areas: alumni engagement and addressing the housing crisis on campus.

First and foremost, we must recognize the invaluable role of alumni engagement in supporting vital campus programs, such as Athletics, Academics, Scholarships, and Greek Life. By fostering collaboration between the UNF administration, faculty, and student body, we can effectively promote our Athletics department, particularly emphasizing our men’s and women’s basketball teams. Given that approximately 60% of UNF graduates continue to reside in Jacksonville, a city known for its strong sports culture (Jaguars and Jumbo Shrimp), we have a unique opportunity to foster a sense of pride and unity among students and alumni alike.

This can be achieved through various initiatives, such as organizing alumni events during basketball games and highlighting the achievements of successful alumni in the sports industry, particularly through our local media. By fostering a strong relationship between the university and its alumni through sports, we can create a culture of pride and loyalty that will extend beyond the court and benefit the entire campus community.

Secondly, it is essential to address the housing crisis on our campus. With a base bed count of 3,507, it is evident that UNF Housing needs to adequately meet the needs of our student population. I advocate for two primary solutions: dedicated Greek housing and additional spaces for upper-classmen and first-year students.

Establishing dedicated Greek housing will free up spaces for other students and encourage Greek life members to remain on campus, promoting a consistent source of activity and engagement, especially on weekends. Moreover, constructing additional housing for upper-classmen and first-year students will ensure that those who wish to stay on campus can do so, reaping the numerous benefits associated with on-campus living, such as improved academic performance and retention. These factors directly contribute to securing more state funding for our university.

We must all embrace a collective responsibility to foster a stronger sense of community and culture at UNF. I urge the university administration, faculty, students, and alumni to join forces in addressing alumni engagement and the housing crisis. By doing so, we can create a thriving and inclusive campus environment that celebrates our diverse talents, passions, and goals, ultimately enhancing the pride and spirit of our school.

Mitchell Aarons is a Student Government senator and first-year student at the University of North Florida majoring in economics. 

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