Chief justice steps down ahead of graduation, SG swears in new judicial leadership

Marissa Cannegieter, Government Reporter

Expressing a mix of nervousness and excitement as graduation gets closer and closer, Ashley Mason, the University of North Florida Student Government’s chief justice, released her resignation letter, effective at the end of the workday Friday. 

Earlier this week, the Judicial Branch met to elect the new deputy chief justice and chief justice. Drew Breedlove was elected as the chief justice and Manahil Haq was elected as deputy chief justice. Both were previously associate justices. 

Former Chief Justice Mason outlined her gratitude for SG, UNF and the “life-changing” opportunities they’ve given her. 

“While I stressed the importance of honesty and possessing a good moral compass at my confirmation hearing before the Senate two years ago, my understanding and execution of those concepts has increased greatly since,” Mason wrote. 

Former Chief Justice Ashley Mason. Photo courtesy of UNF Student Government.

Unbiased decision-making, transparency, selflessness and professionalism are some of the traits that Mason highlighted in her letter — all of which are part of the Judicial Branch’s Code of Ethics. 

The hardest lesson Mason said she’s learned? What is right is not always what is easy.

Though sad to leave SG, the former chief justice is confident it’s in good hands. Read her full resignation letter here

“My advice to current and future members of SG is to fight for these principles and speak up if you notice them violated,” Mason wrote. “While it may be hard, it feels incredibly rewarding.”


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