Laptop program worth nearly $10,000 stolen from UNF lab, police say

Carter Mudgett, Editor in Chief

An unidentified suspect stole a laptop with a software program from the University of North Florida totaling over $10,000 on April 29, police said.

A single person entered a lab in one of UNF’s buildings — the specific location was redacted — and eventually walked out with the laptop, the report stated. 

 The laptop was valued at $1,500, and the program was valued at $9,900, the police report said. 

“Video surveillance shows a white male enter the lab, he then walks to the computer and starts to type on it and then removes it,” the police report said. “Before leaving, he puts on sunglasses and then shuts the doors behind him.”

The words "Police Beat" are written in red and white, surrounded by a white square outline. In the background, a University of North Florida Police Department cruiser is tinted blue.
Police Beat.

During the university police department’s investigation, several UNF employees showed police how they bypassed the key fob lock to enter the lab. The report said that the suspect used the same or a similar method. 

A suspect has not been identified. 


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