UNF will not pursue Court of Appeals’ gun ruling

Carter Roush

UNF will not fight the First District Court of Appeals ruling that a student has a right to keep a gun secured in their vehicle while parked on campus.

President John Delaney said after consulting with lawyers and officials in Tallahassee, the decision was made that it would be best not to pursue the appeal.

Since there is still litigation surrounding the case, Delaney was unable to comment further about why the decision was made or which officials were consulted in Tallahassee.

After the court ruling was made, the university deleted the provision about banning encased fire arms in a vehicle, Delaney said.

The university has to follow the law that was put into effect, Delaney said.

With the court’s ruling now in effect, students have a legal right to bring a gun on campus as long as it’s in their parked vehicle.