The Gore Report: Win in opener would boost Ospreys’ morale


The UNF men’s basketball team will debut their season with an exhibition match Thursday night against Ave Maria.

This will be Coach Matthew Driscoll’s first game as a Division I head coach, and though this game doesn’t count for the record books, it may be a make or break for fan support.

After the Nov. 5 home game, the Ospreys won’t be back home until Nov. 18 for Savannah and then away again until Dec. 30.

A team needs wins for support and even an exhibition win against an under-qualified Ave Maria team will bring a much-needed morale boost to jump start the season.

If the Ospreys can win against Ave Maria and Savannah State — the first two home games of the season, they are in good shape in building high crowds for the spring semester games.

Because after the Ospreys leave home on the Nov. 5, they travel to Notre Dame and later on to Illinois State.

In December, more guarantee games are scheduled including Marquette, Alabama and Northwestern.

It’s going to be all about home victories to make or break this season.

Last year, the Ospreys went 6-6 at home, while going 2-14 on the road.

The Ospreys must capitalize while inside the UNF Arena.

Despite Driscoll saying he expects to win every game, expectations cannot be too high for our young Ospreys as they have a tough travel schedule ahead.

Going into South Bend.

Driscoll contends that when he was at Baylor, they lost to a Division II team and still managed to make it to the tournament.

“I know how to beat the big schools,” Driscoll said.

Now on the other side of the coin, he must figure out how to win in the Atlantic Sun Conference.

Keep your eyes peeled on the starters Thursday — he has been mute as to tell anyone who might be starting, only to say, “Starting positions are overrated.”

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