Ozzie statue in the works, two Associate Justices nominated

Tiffany Felts

March 10 — Senate

Treasurer Joe Turner said he is in the process of making changes to Club Budgets. These changes will allow club funding to be used for clubs anticipated or regular travel requests. Previously, all club travel requests had to go through the Budget and Allocation Committee to be funded by the Travel Request Fund.

Vice President Anthony R. Stevens and Student Advocate Alin Cepoi led nominations for SG awards that will be presented at the end of the term. Cepoi announced that an Ozzie Statue is in the works. He said have their first drawing of it made up and the plan is to place the 7-foot tall replica of UNF’s mascot between the Student Union and the College of Health and Sciences.

Ryan Traher said the Vice President of Student Affairs office is paying for it. Student Body President Carlo Fassi said, as of now, it looks like the Bill for Veterans to receive in-State Tuition that SG has presented in Tallahassee will be passed. He said the request for funding to update the Skinner Jones Hall has not been passed and probably will not be until April or May.

Legislative Cabinet Reports

Senate President Christopher Brady declined to hear SB 14S-2762, which would have changed the rules of the Executive Transition Period. Carlo Fassi said the bill should be considered so the swearing in of new administration could happen at the Annual SG Banquet, as it has in the University’s recent history. Brady said that because candidates agree to a set of rules when they sign up to run for office, it is unfair to change this now. He said he would be open to taking another look at the bill after the new administration was sworn in so that it could go into effect before the next election.

New Business

Carlo Fassi nominated two Associate Justices: Skylar Froud and Daniel Koker. Both students had to interview with the Chief Justice, Attorney General, and Student Body President prior to being nominated tonight. Froud is a Sophomore and economic major. He said he had been involved in his high school’s SG system. He said he wanted to get involved in SG again and on a collegiate level because of his interest in community service and helping people.

“I really like the idea of this job because if students have a problem, or they don’t think something is fair, I can step in, and I can do something to help them.” Koker is a Freshman and finance major. He said he wanted to get involved with SG because he has an interest in law. “I have a lot of opinions, but when it comes to the judicial process, I become unbiased.” Koker and Froud were unanimously voted in as Associate Justices.

Senator Emily Antworth presented SB-12S-2761: Validation of Spring 2014 General Election Results. It was passed with 27 votes for it, 4 votes to abstain, and 0 against. Ryan Traher said that the four were allowed to abstain because senators can not vote yes or no in an election they ran in.

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