New term’s Student Government sworn in, funds for lounge approved

Tiffany Felts

SG members, new and old, were sworn into various positions for next term. Photo by Tiffany Felts
SG members, new and old, were sworn into various positions for next term.
Photo by Tiffany Felts

This served as Carlo Fassi’s last day and meeting as Student Body President.

Fassi gave an update as to what has been going on in Tallahassee with the bills UNF SG has been supporting.

He said Governor Rick Scott signed the Florida GI bill giving veterans in-state tuition today.

He said SB 1400, on instate tuition for undocumented children of immigrants, will be heard tomorrow.

He said that the Fla. House has funded $6.5 million of the $9 million request UNF has requested for renovations of buildings three and four.

He said Fla. Senate has not chosen to fund the bill, but he and UNF Lobbyist Matt Brockelman will continue to fight for that funding.

SG logo blackFassi said that SG and Academic Affairs will be piloting the scantron initiative in which professors are required to hand out scantrons to students on exam days beginning in the upcoming summer term.

Senate passes two fund requests and loosens OP budget restriction

The Director of the Student Union placed a request from the SU Fund Balance for a new golf cart charging station.

He said right now the number of golf carts out numbers the amount of charging stations.

The request was passed 31 for, 0 against.

Vice President Anthony Stevens presented a request for $49,200 for a student lounge.

The bill was presented and approved by the Budget and Allocations Committee last week.

The bill passed with 25 votes for it and six votes to abstain.

Senator Woolf presented SB 1400-2768, a bill that changes the Osprey Productions’ budget, allowing them to make more than the current set $25,000 and to spend up to $100,000 from the revenue pool they gain from ticket sales.

The bill was passed in a roll call vote.

Appointments and Elections

Joe Turner and Anthony Stevens were sworn in as the new President and Vice President of Student Government, respectively.

Kaitlin Ramirez, who just finished her term as Senate Pro-Tempore, was elected Senate President.

Shomari Gloster ran against Emily Antworth and was elected Senate President Pro-Tempore.

Morgan Wolf was elected as Budget & Allocations Committee Chair.

Kate Savage was elected as Elections & Appointments Committee Chair after Spencer Herald, who was also running for the position and took himself out of the race mid-speech.

Chase Baker was elected as the University & Student Affairs Committee Chair.

All news members of the Legislative Cabinet and Senate were sworn into office during tonight’s March 31 meeting.

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