The future of the Osprey Connector

Valeree Del Guidice

The campus shuttle contract is expiring. While Academy Bus Charter’s contract was meant to expire on Dec. 9, the suspension of the open bid caused a last minute extension of the company’s contract to Apr. 29. The reason for the suspension was due to the rates being offered in the open bid.

“The rates that came back were higher than what we had budgeted. So what we decided to do was suspend the invitation to negotiate,” stated Business and Parking Services Director George Androuin.

Does that mean the shuttle service is going to end? No: the University is reaching out to other services to keep the cost from increasing for the students. One such service is the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA).

Valeree Del Guidice
The Osprey Connector


“We’re engaging in conversations with them to see what they can provide and see if there is something that can be developed there,” explained Androuin.

Androuin goes on further to say that the University hopes that a contract could be possible within a month or two. He also explains that if a contract cannot be reached, the invitation to negotiate will be reopened.


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