Parking on campus during Spring Break

Pierce Turner, Features Editor

It may be Spring Break here at UNF, but campus is still open until Thursday, March 22, so be careful about parking wherever you want.

Correct permit usage will be enforced Monday through Wednesday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., according to UNF Parking Services. So, if you think you can be cool and park in the garages without a permit, you’ll likely come back to your car to find a bright yellow envelope full of sadness.

A citation issued by UNF parking enforcement. Photo by Ronnesha Rodgers.

There is one change, however. Since the shuttles aren’t active, students with grey lot permits are allowed to park in blue lots throughout the core of campus. These include the Arena parking garage by the Student Union, the Fine Arts garage and the library parking lot. That being said, 20-minute and handicapped spots are still enforced in these areas.

These are important rules to keep in mind for everyone returning to campus this week to work, go to the gym, or just because they miss school (we don’t judge). Campus officially closes Thursday through Sunday and parking will not be enforced. So, feel free to park in a reserved spot just because you can.

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