Colonel Crackers: Where is our snack that smiles back?

Nolan Hammond

Colonel Crackers next to Spark Attack. Photo by Nolan Hammond.

Colonel Crackers is well known for being UNF’s goldfish statue, which is usually located in the pond near the Thomas G. Carpenter Library. However, ever since Hurricane Irma, it would seem he has recently been out of the water and leaving students wondering: where went the big fish from UNF’s small pond?

After fishing for answers, UNF Sculpture Professor Jenny Hager, part of the team that created the Colonel over four years ago, told Spinnaker that Crackers had been taken out of the lake to be featured alongside “Spark Attack,” a shark sculpture, in the One Spark Festival downtown. Apparently, Colonel Crackers had bigger fish to fry and had to leave UNF, temporarily, with no other fish in the sea.

According to Hager, Crackers and Spark are currently being held behind Bldg. 6.

The shark statue and the snack statue will likely be smiling, back in the water, sometime in the fall semester.

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