Special Osprey Update hits a glitch

Andy Moser, Features Editor

Courtesy of the UNF Help Desk Facebook.

Last week, UNF’s Campus Security Update hit a few bumps in the road before being sent out to students and staff. Many who were on campus at the time were left wondering why they were not informed of UPD’s update regarding Jesse Martinez in a more timely manner.

According to UNF’s Vice President of Public Relations Sharon Ashton, a technical glitch occurred which prevented the update from going out to all students. Ashton’s team notified ITS of the problem, and they were able to send out the update the following day.

“If this had been an emergency, we would have sent a text message to the students, which uses a different system [than] the mass emails,” Ashton said. “However, it was not an emergency, so we decided to let ITS fix it and then we could send it to the students.”

If you have yet to receive the email or have had trouble receiving Special Osprey Updates lately, you can report the problem to the ITS Help Desk at [email protected] so the issue can be fixed.

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