Local music venues for the UNF concert-goer

Jake Duff

Who doesn’t love listening to music? It can match or change your mood, help you get through a breakup, push you through a workout, or keep you awake through an all night study session. There is no wrong way to listen to music, but there is definitely a right way. The best way to listen to your favorite bands is at a live concert. Here are some of the best concert venues in Jacksonville that UNF students can check out.

Mavericks at the Landing doubles as a club as well as a concert venue. They have different events and shows going on every week, as well as themed nights on occasion. It’s bigger than your standard indoor venue, and more geared toward having a fun night with friends than hosting concerts specifically. When they do have concerts there, they have good sounding acoustics and plenty of room to dance around. Mavericks is located at the Landing in downtown Jacksonville.

Lili Weinstein
The lobby of the Jacksonville Landing.

1904 Music Hall is one of the best venues in Jacksonville. Located on Ocean Street in downtown, the venue isn’t too big that it loses its intimacy, but it’s also not so small that it feels cramped. The stage is high enough that everyone can clearly see the band, and the staff is friendly enough that you won’t feel left out or misplaced there. They have some bigger bands come through, but they also have a lot of local bands play on a weekly basis. Check out their website for details on upcoming shows to enjoy good music, and to support a local venue!

The Daily’s Place Amphitheater on East Adams Street is pretty much the opposite of 1904 Music Hall. It’s a large, outside venue with a lifted stage, open “pit” area, and multiple rows of raised seats. It only opened last year so it still has that new feeling to it. Typically known for having bigger headliners, and therefore more expensive shows, Daily’s Place is the place to catch all of your favorite artists if you’ve got the dime for it.

Last but not least, Jack Rabbits is a very small venue that has a ton of local bands come through with the occasional headliner. Located off of Hendricks Avenue, this venue is small, dim, and crowded, but has a great sound and atmosphere. You’ll find a lot of up and coming bands playing here, and most of them from Jacksonville. If you’re looking for a more intimate and chill concert, this is the place.

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