Police Beat: A fraudulent ID, a stolen bike, notes on a truck and a drunk guy

Jessica May

Graphic by Rachelle Keller

A lost backpack found trouble

UNFPD, as well as staff members from the Osprey Clubhouse, responded to reports of a found backpack on Sept. 28.

According to the police report, the officer found a fake California driver’s license with a photo of the backpack’s owner on it.

When the girl on the ID came to the University of North Florida Police Station to pick up her belongings, she was reportedly questioned about the fraudulent driver’s license. She told the officer she got the fake ID in Miami and that it made her able to purchase alcohol.

She also stated that she is not a UNF student but frequently visits her friends who are.

Officers found an additional Florida’s driver’s license that the subject claimed she found on the floor of a club, according to the police report. She also mentioned to UNFPD that she was going to turn it in.

The subject was reportedly told by UNFPD that the possession of a fraudulent ID was a felony.

UNFPD also issued her a trespass warning so she cannot be on UNF campus or in the housing areas.

The fraudulent ID was placed into the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office property room.

Stolen bike

Police were dispatched to the Herbert University Center in reference to a stolen bicycle Sept. 28.

The complainant told police he had “left his bicycle on the bike rack near Building R in the Crossings. He was unsure if he locked the bike.” When the complainant returned, he noticed the bicycle was missing, according to the report.

Police searched the area but did not find a lock or bicycle in the area.

Patrol efforts have been suspended.

A love story with an unhappy ending

UNFPD was dispatched to meet with a complainant about a note stuck to a truck in Lot 53 on Sept. 29.

The complainant told police that he has had some issues with his wife’s ex-boyfriend and he had suspicions that the note was left by him.

According to the police report, police were handed the typed note that read, “I thought we were both very clear on out last text exchange but C is apparently failing to follow it. I would appreciate a call and not a text this time so we can finally put this all behind us. Message me online if you no longer have my number.”

The complainant told police that on May 15, 2017, his wife had told her ex-boyfriend to stop communicating with her. The ex-boyfriend reportedly displayed odd behaviors throughout May and June of 2017.

The police report states the ex-boyfriend had sent packages to the married couple, as well as the wife’s parents, that were then thrown away or retrieved by the ex-boyfriend.

The complainant reportedly has the ex-boyfriend blocked on social media and told the man in June to stop making contact with his wife and her family. He told police that he didn’t make contact until he found the note on his truck.

Police were reportedly able to get the ex-boyfriend’s phone number and, upon calling, the ex-boyfriend told police that he did leave the note on the truck. He also said he did not want to make contact with the complainant’s wife, but wanted to tell the complainant that she was trying to reestablish contact with him.

According to the report, the ex-boyfriend wanted to tell the complainant that his wife told him that she wanted a divorce. The ex-boyfriend advised the officer that the complainant’s wife mentioned the complainant’s truck and where he worked in the past.

Patrol efforts are suspended.

“…Looking for fraternity homes”

UNFPD was dispatched to Lot 11 in front of the Osprey Cove in reference to a white male asking a UNF employee if she wanted to drink some beer on Oct. 1.

The officer met with the man who reportedly appeared to be intoxicated. The man told police that he was on campus looking for fraternity homes and people to hang out with.

The officer reported the smell of a strong odor of alcohol coming from the person and it looked like he had urinated on himself.

According to the police report, a check revealed that he had a history of arrests for DUI, assault and fraud, but there were not any currently outstanding warrants.

He was advised that he was no longer allowed on campus and was escorted off of campus.

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