How to effectively create a monochromatic outfit

Johnakeshia Thompson

Monochromatic looks can be challenging to style if the wardrobe selections aren’t the same tone.

Adding accessories can be fun and add an extra flair of chic to an outfit.  The benefits of adding accessories will are that you’ll have an increased variation as part of your outfit. Think of accessories like sugar in your coffee: it’s the extra flavor that your wardrobe needs! Color play allows you to throw in another pop to your accessories but not take away from the monochromatic scheme. Check out the different ways that you style your wardrobe below:

Stick with the same color, but mix different fabrics to accomplish an edgy look. For example, grab a pair of leather pants with a lace top or dress to mix up the different textures.

Monochromatic look in black, created by Johnakeshia Thompson

Adding a touch of a different color to your monochromatic scheme is perfect if you want to add accents to a monochromatic look.

Monochromatic look with different tones created by Johnakeshia Thompson

The trick to attempting a monochromatic look with different shades of the same color is knowing how to style them without overdoing it.

Men’s monochromatic look created by Johnakeshia Thompson

Grey, pink, burgundy and forest green contrast well when creating a monochromatic look. Although you wouldn’t style these colors together, they look great worn alone from head to toe in different shades!

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