What you need to know before you vote

Hannah Lee

Here are some Dos and Don’ts for voting today:


  1. Be informed! There is a lot on the ballot this year. There are 12 amendments being voted on and several local elections being decided. Do your research by clicking here.
  2. Bring your Florida ID. This can be your Driver’s License, passport,
  3. Do turn in your absentee ballot. If you have an early ballot and forgot to send it in, bring it in to the Supervisor of Elections location at 105 East Monroe St.


  1. Don’t take a selfie with your ballot. It’s illegal to take a photo with your ballot in Florida.
  2. Don’t waste gas! Today only, Uber and Lyft are offering discounts to your local voting site. Uber is offering $10 off on rides to a polling site. It is a one-way discount and can only be used on the cheapest option available. The promo code you need to have is “VOTE2018”. Lyft on the other hand will be giving 50 percent off on rides to your local polling site. The promo code for UNF’s zip code is “VOTEFL1”.
  3. Don’t show up at a random voting site. On Election Day, you have to show up to your precinct and vote there. If you are registered in Duval County, click here to figure out where you can vote.