Student Fee Assessment Committee Report

Kristina Smith

While many students aren’t aware of what happens with tuition once it’s paid, the Student Fee Assessment Committee keeps track of every cent.

At the first of three Spring 2019 meetings, representatives of Recreation & Wellness, Student Health Services, the Counseling Center, and Student Government presented their progress from last year.

Student Health Services:

Requested funding Increase: None.

Tuition Fee: $2.60

According to the Director of Student Health Services, Dr. Doreen Perez, their office’s nine-year-old floors have flooded three times. Previously it was reported that Student Health Services was requesting a funding increase to pay for this service, but Student Health Services will be using their own funds, $40,000, to pay for the repairs.

Besides offering primary care to students, Student Health Services has hired UNF nursing graduates, allocated a portion of their funds to the Counseling Center and health promotion, and saves money in the case of equipment issues and campus outbreaks.

Ideas floated for the future involved a price increase for the clinic (due to increasing vaccine prices), and mandatory health insurance for students. Citing the fact that FSU, UF, and FAMU already require health insurance, Dr. Doreen Perez, Director of Student Health Services, thinks this new requirement could be implemented in 2020, though the decision hasn’t been finalized.

Recreation & Wellness

Requested funding Increase: None

Tuition Fee: $2.94

Though the Recreation & Wellness department isn’t asking for additional funds, they noted areas where they can improve. In the future, they hope to improve sexual health training and resources. In 2018 they were able to hire 2 part-time dieticians, helped 1,800 students, and were able to partner with Ogier gardens and the Counseling Center on several events.

Counseling Center:

Requested funding Increase: None

Tuition Fee: $3.18

During the 2018-2019 year, 1,452 students visited the Counseling Center, including 867 new students. Though the center launched a new internship program to bring on 3 interns, their more than 10,000 sessions last year proved to be overwhelming. The center is encouraging students to participate in group sessions and offering outside referrals to accommodate the large numbers. With the funds they have, the Counseling Center can be expected to keep to the same standard and offer services for the next 3 years.

Student Government:

Requested Funding Increase: None

Tuition Fee: $10.23

In the past few years, the Student Government has been able to allocate funds to improve the library’s wifi and improve nature trails. They also offer funds for events, activities, intramurals, and health promotions. According to Assistant Director Jason Edgar, the Student Government hasn’t requested a funding increase for seven consecutive years.


Updated & Corrected on Feb. 12, 2019 


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