UNF requests $10.8 million to improve student success

Lianna Norman, News Editor

Improvement in University metrics has been central to the goals of the new administration under soon-to-be inaugurated President Szymanski and on Jan. 31, this rang true when UNF requested $10.8 million from the Florida Board of Governors.

This board is made up of seventeen members. Fourteen of these board members serve for seven years after being approved by the Governor of Florida and the Florida Senate. The job of the board is to manage and review the operations of each of the twelve universities in the Florida public university system. This management and review is conducted primarily through metrics that are applied to each university. The better a Florida public university measures on this scale, the more funding there is for that institution to use for student wellness.

In order to improve the measurements that will help the university acquire more funding, though, funding is needed to tend to the areas that need improvement.

Szymanski’s administration has tackled this issue by requesting funding that they say will be directly applied to decreasing cost by degree and adding faculty positions that are expected to augment course sections offered in attempt to decrease time to get a degree.

Both of these allocations of funding are expected to yield results in the value of a degree from UNF while simultaneously decreasing the cost of that  degree.

The request was approved by the board and will now move to state legislature to be approved by the governor. If the governor approves this budget, the funding received should go into effect in the next fiscal year’s budget on July 1.


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