Ceramics Guild travel request passes, a syllabus bank and a new Starbucks microwave

Alex Del Dago, Government Reporter

Microwaves, Osprey Productions, ceramics, and a syllabus bank were just some of the many things discussed on the Senate floor Friday, March 8.

In the Executive Branch report, Jenna DuPilka reflected on some of her major accomplishments, including improving the Thomas G. Carpenter Library wi-fi and drink smart cards, among a multitude of other things. She ended her report with the announcement of a UNF Syllabus Bank. Working with David Fenner and the IT Department, Jenna was able to configure a system that allows professors to upload their syllabi to MyWings where students can view them before registering for classes. The syllabus bank is expected to be finalized this summer and be available to students soon after.

Next up was a piece of legislation intended to merge Student Government’s Osprey Productions with the Department of Campus Life. This would make Osprey Productions no longer an agency under Student Government. Instead, a new, united department called Osprey Life and Productions would be established. Some of the benefits stated included a more unified and centralized budget for clubs and organizations, more permanent staff and less confusion for students when it comes to organizing and attending events, productions, clubs etc.

The Osprey Productions growth plan was unanimously confirmed and is set to merge and take place as a new department in the coming weeks.

After a brief recess, the senators returned to vote on a special request for a new microwave in the Starbucks lounge and the Student Union backroom located next to Slice Pizzeria. The current microwave in Starbucks has been broken for some time now, and Senator Ryan See proposed it be replaced to show the students of UNF that the senators care about their concerns and are working for them. Within minutes after the presentation, the senators eagerly voted the two new microwaves into action, 30-0-0.

Following this vote, the Ceramics Guild came before the Senate to request $2,000 from the travel index to attend the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts in Minneapolis. This group had to appear before the general senate body because prior to this meeting, last Friday, the Ceramics Guild presented in front of the Budget & Allocations Committee, who denied the funding. Senators Carlita Washington and Ellis Levine, the only two senators to originally vote in favor of the Ceramics Guild, fought to get enough signatures from other senators.

In the ceramics presentation, the group showed their love for ceramics, how much the trip to Minneapolis would help them and how much they have fundraised and are going to pay out-of-pocket for the trip themselves. However, some senators, particularly the ones who originally voted against the request in the B&A Committee, still had a problem with the proposal.

Senator Anthony Hall stated that he would “continue not to vote” for the Ceramics Guild request because he personally believed they did not raise enough funds to receive Student Government money. However, the Ceramics guild proved that they have fundraised over $200 themselves through local art walks, donations, and sales from their own artwork.

Chair of the B&A Committee, Kenneth Smith, also seemed to have a problem with the Ceramics Guilds request for $2,000. Stating that he would be voting yes, but with hesitation. Smith said it was suspicious that the Ceramics Guild didn’t talk about how much they raised the first time they presented to the B&A Committee.

After a lengthy round of questions and discussions between the senators, the travel request was officially voted through with 24 approving and 5 against the request.