Launching Your Brand

Teeryana Bryant

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This week UNF Hosted a event called The Brand Girls which was a event to encourage and empower girls to go after their dreams.

Rachael Bozsik, CEO and confidence strategist, and owner of the Brand Girls came out to talk to students about how to build their brand and land that dream job.

“Your personal brand is the impression that you leave when you exit a room,” Bozsik said.

She gives the students pointers on what they should do when it comes to applying for their dream job such as consistently showing up early, looking at the qualities of the job description that you want making sure you have those or will possess those in the future, making sure your always developing or adding to  your resume, and lastly having confidence with everything you do.

She also says to avoid that negative voice or limiting belief that we have about ourselves. Beliefs like you’re not qualified or not good enough can be the downfall in getting your dream job. She told the students that they need to have a buzzword. A buzzword is your positive word that you stay true to which is what will help you stay on your path to going after your dream job and give you encouragement.

“I felt that Rachael gave some good pointers about resumes and self confidence in the workplace,” Maria Vazquez, a biology student, said.

The main takeaway from the lecture was for girls to make  sure they are always positioning themselves for opportunities and not letting their limiting beliefs hold them back from achieving their goals.


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