Stronger than Stigma: Downtown Jax participates in mental health awareness month

Lianna Norman, News Editor

Stronger than Stigma is an organization in Jacksonville dedicated to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health for local millennials and Gen Zs. The organization is holding a month-long event in downtown Jacksonville in order to raise awareness for the issues surrounding modern mental health rhetoric.

The event is pop-up-style and is called The Living Room. The pop-up is designed to engage guests and prompt casual small talk about the big issues regarding the stigma around mental health. The interactive room will be active throughout the entire month of May and is located at 211 North Laura Street.

The programming includes casual ticketed events, like live music, comedy and game-nights.

“Our goal is to change public perception about mental health – being open, having honest conversations and asking for help are all strengths,” Founder and CEO Gabrielle Magid said. “We believe that caring for one’s own mental health can be more a social experience, and if nothing else, a less isolating one.”

Hours of operation and programs will be announced on Stronger than Stigma’s social media. More information about the organization can be found here.


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