How to de-stress before finals

Teeryana Bryant

It can be argued that one of the most nerve-racking things about college is finals week. Often, students can be made to feel that these final tests are make-or-break. Of course, this feeling of panic can cause undue stress. The UNF Counseling center, in an attempt to help students cope with these feelings, has tips for how students can de-stress before finals.

Liza Provenzano, UNF counselor, mentions that good self care is an important part of reducing the effects of stress on the body.

She recommends that students prepare for finals week in advance, not the week of, because of the added stress and anxiety that cramming brings. Provenzano also recommended that students plan out their study time, listen to whatever music that makes them feel good while studying, do deep-breathing exercises and stretch their body.

Provenzano also recommended a sufficient amount of sleep and drinking plenty of water.
She mentioned that taking short and fun breaks while studying or working on your final assignments will help your brain relax and allow you to get refocus when your return back to your studies.

“If we are well rested, well fed, well hydrated, [then] we will be thinking straight,” Provenzano explained. “We are going to be able to be focused and remember. Which is what you need to be successful when you are doing your studying for your projects.”


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