Where to find feminine friendly and gender neutral bathrooms on campus

Courtney Green, News Editor

So, you’re new to UNF and you don’t know the first thing about the bathrooms around here. Well, our chambers have a few secrets as far as women and unisex goes.


Mother Nature surprised you, or you simply broke the elastic in your hair-tie and need a new one. Either way, you’re covered. Thanks to the Barnes Bathroom Initiative, part of UNF’s STEM Cares Club, there are several bathrooms around campus that supply women with emergency feminine hygiene products, perfume, lotion, hair-ties and bobby pins. You’ll know you’re in one of these bathrooms when you see an organizer on the counter-top. 

Here are a few of the bathroom hot-spots to hit up in an emergency:

Building 50, Science and Engineering, all floors. Look for them at the center of each floor of the building.

Building 4, Skinner-Jones Hall, 2 Floor. If you enter the building through the double doors just before the bamboo garden and take the elevator up, there is a hallway just across the way. Down it is a women’s bathroom with a set of drawers on the counter. You can also take the stairs on the outside of the building.

Building 59, Biological Science, 2 Floor. 

Building 15, John E. Matthews Computer Science Building, 1 Floor. This one is a bit harder to find, but if you see the spiraling staircase, you’re in the right place.

While these bathrooms were not mentioned by STEM Cares when Spinnaker reached out to them, I am aware that stations were present in Spring 2019: 

Building 39A, J. Brooks Brown Hall Addition, 4 Floor. Take the elevator from the ground-level outside up to the fourth floor. When you get off, there will be a lounge. The bathroom is on your left as you step out of the elevator.

Building 39, J. Brooks Brown Hall, 2 Floor. The bathroom is located near the center of the hallway.


The LGBT Resource Center maintains a list of gender neutral bathrooms. That list can be found here, but here are a few notable mentions:

Building 2, Founders Hall, 2 Floor. The fastest, easiest way to find these two bathrooms are by entering the building through the doors to the stairwell, which is located across from the Frederick H. Schultz Hall (Building 9) and Starbucks. Find those stairs, ascend to the second level, turn down the first hallway you see, locate the door that leads out to the balcony overlooking the picnic area in front of Chick-fil-a, and then head down that hallway. You will find the unisex bathrooms.

Building 4, Skinner Jones Hall, every floor. Simply look for elevators. The bathrooms are nearby.

Building 12, Thomas G. Carpenter Library, 1 & 3 Floor. You will find the first two unisex bathrooms in Starbucks on the first floor. Inside the library proper, you will find another unisex bathroom on the first floor, next to the men and women’s bathrooms. On the third floor, you will find a fourth unisex bathroom, also near the men and women’s.

Building 58, Student Union East, every floor. Three bathrooms total, one per floor.

Building 61, Student Wellness Complex, 1 Floor. Not only is there a unisex bathroom– there’s a unisex locker room. People tend to walk right past it because it isn’t as conspicuous as the men and women’s locker rooms, but it is there right beside the women’s locker room. If you’re facing the women’s, look to your left. You’ll see the door.

Again, this is a short list that is simply meant to provide directions to bathrooms in important or hard-to-find areas. There are many more unisex bathrooms on campus. Check out the LGBT Resource Center’s list for more locations.

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