Tips to make the Grey Lot lifestyle a little bit easier

Breanna Cataldo

Grey Lot parking can make a student ready for a nap before they even make it to their first class. Luckily, there are some tips that can help make the hike a smidge easier.

  • Show up early: I know this is a tip that no one loves to see, but I promise it’s worth it. Obviously we all need our beauty rest, but sacrifices must be made for a good parking spot (sadly). Besides, there are pros to showing up early. You can sleep in your car until it’s time to leave for class, snag an early morning coffee from Starbucks or you can even knock some assignments out early.


  • Wear comfy shoes: Whether you’re skating or walking to class, some comfy shoes are a necessity. The hike from grey lots to classes are no joke, and you don’t want to make them with blistered feet. Wearing some running shoes, Vans or Converse with padding in them or some comfy sandals will save you so much hassle.


  • Try out a skateboard: As mentioned earlier, you can skate to class. You don’t have to know any tricks to be able to wheel yourself across campus. It saves time, energy and it can provide a nice breeze. During the hot months of fall semester, walking ten minutes in the heat can make you sweat like a pig- even at 9 a.m. When you’re on a skate board, you spend less time in the sun and you get to feel some wind.


  • Wear light clothing in the heat…Layer up in the winter: Tank tops, short sleeves, light materials and shorts are the way to go at the beginning of fall semester. You don’t want to make the heat any worse than it already is. If shorts and tank tops aren’t a possibility, just make sure your clothes are light in color and material. During the winter, make sure you bundle up. The long walks in the cold can be just as bad as the walks in the heat.


  • Create a list of everything you need: Before you leave your car, make sure you have everything you need for the day…It’s not like you’re going to want to make multiple trips. Making a list (even mentally) can help keep you organized. Just make sure an umbrella and water make the list too.


  • Running late? Head straight to Lot 18: We all have our late days. Grey Lots fill up fast, so if you’re late, make sure to head to Lot 18 for better chances at finding a spot. Lot 14 might be less of a trek, but Lot 18 has a massive amount of parking; it will save a lot of time if you head there rather than looking for a space in the other lots.

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